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SBYRW : 20327

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Annual Camp Fort at Tregamtle, Dartmoor, in 1956 showing the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel METCALFE, taking a swig from the wooden spoon held by Tommy BAYNHAM; also visible are Brian VAUGHN, P BARRATT, W BINDER and C SWINDON

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SBYRW : 20331

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Annual Camp at Fort Tregantle, Cornwall, in 1956 showing the Wooden shooting spoon, for the worst shot in the Mess, being given to Sergeant Sid (Feathers) WYITE watched by Sergeant Fred COOK, Sergeant Brian VAUGHAN, Regimental Sergeant Major Les HODGES, Sergeant Pete BARRATT, Sergeant SWINDON, Company Sergeant Major BRINDEN, Company Sergeant Major DURNFORD and Company Sergeant Major Tommy BAYNHAM

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SBYRW : 20461

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Sergeants Mess Group at Millom Camp Army School of Civil Defence in May 1960 showing (Back row, Left to Right) Sergeant WEBB, Sergeant CORTNEY, Sergeant GOLLOP, Sergeant FOSTER, Sergeant PRIOR, Colour Sergeant SESSIONS, Sergeant SWINDON, Sergeant BARRATT, Sergeant ROCKALL, Sergeant CLARKE, Sergeant BORDER, (Centre row, Left to Right) Sergeant Bag WALLIS (Queens Colour), Sergeant BISHOP, Sergeant OSBORN, Sergeant MEAD, Sergeant BASDEN, Colour Sergeant HAYWARD, Colour Sergeant HUNTER, Drum Major JONES, Colour Sergeant SPRINGTHORPE, Colour Sergeant SUTCLIFFE, Sergeant COOK, Sergeant ROBERTS, Sergeant MANSFIELD (Regimental Colour), (Front Row, Left to Right) Company Sergeant Major G HEARN, Company Sergeant Major B BECKLEY, WO2 BURROUGHS, Company Sergeant Major S WYATT, Company Sergeant Major J PEARSON, WO1 TAYLOR, Lieutenant Colonel J HILL MC (Commanding Officer), Regimental Sergeant Major J PRICE, Captain P DUNN (Adjutant), RQMS HADEN, Company Sergeant Major T PAY, Company Sergeant Major G STANLEY, Company Sergeant Major J JEFFERIES, Company Sergeant Major T BAYNHAM and Company Sergeant Major P READER.

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SBYRW : 29016

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion rugby team in Malaya in 1935. They are in the left of the photograph with the players on the right being taken up by the opposing team called the Selangor State team. The match took place at Kuala Lumpur. In the rear row from left to right are CQMS Goswell, Bandsman Best, Corporal Marsh, Private Rogers. In the 2nd row from left to right are L/Corporal Taylor, Sergeant Nicolson, L/Corporal Broad and Lieutenant Wort, with, between lines 2 and 3, Lieutenant Schefield. In the front row from left to right are Corporal Bennett, Private Barratt, Corporal Gilboy, L/Corporal Lowe, Lieutenant Kenrick, Lieutenant Newton-Dunn.

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SBYRW : 31133

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry - A colour photograph of Private ?Booner? Barrett on patrol in Kabul in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 3 in late 2005 or early 2006

Person(s): Barratt, , Private;

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SBYRW : 31136

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry - A colour photograph of, from left to right in the back row, Privates Tanner, Wagalevn, Chief and Clark and, in the front row, Privates Barrett, Williams, Mallows and Bates, all in Afghanistan on Operation Herrick 3 in late 2005 or early 2006

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SBYRW : 31559

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?B? Company who are described as ?Inhabitants of Imber 1976 -1978. At this time they were the demonstration Battalon based at Warminster. Back row (L to R ) Drummer S. Lymath, L/Corporal F. Stanley, Privates P. Bason, H. Tuckwell, P. Middleton, Drummer P. Isherwood, Private S. Crookson, Drummer P. Drever, Private G. Prosser, L/Corporal M. Lohan, Drummer M. Bridgewater, Drummer G. Hudson, Private B. Singleton, L/Corporal E. Jones, Private N. Sanderson, Drummer J. Callcut, Private T. Gibbard, Private J. Taylor, Private E. Ledgister, Private A. Webb, L/Corporal P Underhill. (3rd row L to R) Privates G. Gray, N. Wardall, K. Foy, L/Corporal R. Leighton, Drummer G. Poole, Private C. Moyes, Private P. Hume, L/Corporal A. Fisher, Private D. Dyer, Drummer S. Jones, Drummer B. Setchfield, Private J. King, L/Corporal D. South, Private D. McFarlane, Drummer G. Smith, Private R. McLellan, L/Corporal G. Irving, Drummer G. Margison, Private J. Lawson, Private D. Hopley, Drummer K. Smith. (2nd Row L to R) L/Corporal J. Callcut, Drummer S. Antoni, Private D. Trickey, Drummer M. Woolford, Private J. Lewis, Private C. Hill, Private L. Bishop, Private J. Goodwin, Drummer B. Thirtle, Private J. Crawford, Private K. Bancroft, L/Corporal J. Madin, Drummer P. Cook, L/Corporal G. Nochol, Private D. Sprenger, Private S. Goodman, Drummer S. Preston, Drummer P. Tollafield, Drummer S. Peake, Private A. Traveller, Private L. Keel. (front row L to R) Drummer G. Mahon, Drummer G. Heatherwick, Corporal M. Taundry, Corporal R. Tadhunter, Corporal C. Nicholson, Corporal T. Poffley, Sergeant E,. Griffin, Lieutenant D.M. Irving, Captain M.G.A. Barratt, Major T.M.A. Daly, WO2 (CSM) J. Venus, 2nd/Lieutenant P.C. Tomlinson, C/Sergeant D. Fielding, Sergeant R. Jones, Corporal M. Bourne, Corporal B. Stanley, Corporal S. Traveller, Corporal M. Davies, L/Corporal J. Rose.

Person(s): McFarlane, D, Mr; Laymath,S, Drummer,; Stanley, F, L/Corporal; Bason, P, Private; Tuckwell, H, Private; Middleton, P, Private; Isherwood, P, Drummer; Crookson, S, Private; Drever, P, Drummer; Prosser, G, Private; Lohan, M, L/Corporal; Bridgewater, M, Drummer; Hudson, G, Drummer; Singleton, B, Private; Jones, E, L/Corporal; Sanderson, N, Private; Callcut, J, Drummer; Gibbard, T, Private; Taylor, J, Private; Ledgister, E, Private; Webb, A, Private; Underhill, P, L/Corporal; Gray, G, Private; Wardall, N, Private; Foy, K, Private; Leighton, R, L/Corporal; Poole, G, Drummer; Moyes, C, Private; Hume, P, Private; Fisher, A, L/Corporal; Dyer, D, Private; Jones, S, Drummer; Setchfield, B, Drummer; King, J, Private; South, D, L/Corporal; McFarlane, D, Private; Smith, G, Drummer; McKellan, R, Private; Irving, G, L/Corporal; Margison, G, Drummer; Lawson, J, Private; Hopley, D, Private; Smith, K, Drummer; Callcutt, J, L/Corporal; Antoni, S, Drummer; Trickey, D, Private; Woolford, M, Drummer; Lewis, J, Private; Hill, C, Private; Bishop, L, Private; Goodwin, J, Private; Thirtle, B, Drummer; Crawford, J, Private; Bancroft, K, Private; Madin, J, L/Corporal; Cook, P, Drummer; Nichol, G, L/Corporal; Sprenger, D, Private; Goodman, S, Private; Preston, S, Drummer; Tollafield, P, Drummer; Peake, S, Drummer; Traveller, A, Private; Keel, L, Private; Mahon, G, Drummer; Heatherwick, G, Drummer; Taundry, M, Corporal; Tadhunter, R, Corporal; Nicholson, C, Corporal; Poffley, T, Corporal; Griffin, E, Sergeant; Irving, D M, Lieutenant; Barratt, M G A, Captain; Daly, T M A, Major; Venus, J, WO 2; Tomlinson P C, 2nd/Lieutenant; Fielding, D, C/Sergeant; Jones, R, Sergeant; Bourne, M, Corporal; Stanley, B, Corporal; Traveller, S, Corporal; Davies, M, Corporal; Rose, J, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 34523

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the officers at Bulford Fields in August 1938. Standing from left to right are 2nd Lieutenant R.B. Pickett, Lieutenant L.R. Howers, 2nd Lieutenant P.H. Greet, 2nd Lieutenant R.J. Trimmer, 2nd Lieutenant R.N. Barrett, 2nd Lieutenant P.G. Crabbe, 2nd Lieutenant S.C. Wheeler, 2nd Lieutenant B.C. D. Eastwick, 2nd Lieutenant F.G. England, Lieutenant A. Macmillan (RAMC), 2nd Lieutenant D.L.T. Opps, 2nd Lieutenant S.M. Fox, 2nd Lieutenant G.N. May, 2nd Lieutenant F.N. Waldren, 2nd Lieutenant L.O. Pritchard, 2nd Lieutenant P.L. Carslaw. (Sat L to R) Lieutenant D.R.T. Reddrop, Captain HC.S.T. Barratt, Major (QM) T.E. Bryan MBE, Colonel A.C. Hughes TD, Captain H.P. Verey, Captain H.C.L. Mason, Lieutenant R.E. C. Oades, Lieutenant G.W. Wilks, Captain W.M. Slade, Major W.D. Gale TD, Captain and Adjutant F.N.E. Elliot, Captain E.A. N. Thwaits and Lieutenant A.G.A. Cook.

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SBYRW : 41042

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia digital image of some of ?B? Company before crossing the Chindwin, November 1944. Among those pictured are Lieutenant Ridley, Sergeants Heywood, and Barrett, Corporals Stowe and Barratt, L/Corporals Horton, Brown, Heath, Sion and Dodd and Privates Murray, Biggington, Baker, Bunn, Elwell, Dodd, Moore, Lacey, Fuller, Thompson, Stewart, Armsby, Rainsford, Allright, Legett and Birch. [We do not know the exact location within the image of each soldier]

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