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1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A small booklet relating to the Battalion's time in Inkerman Barracks, Woking in 1904. At that time, the barracks was considered to be one of the best in the British Army. Also included is a black and white copy of a picture in the booklet entitled ?Uniforms of the Regiment' Inkerman Barracks, Woking, Surrey 1902-1904, showing different types of dress worn in the barracks at that timeand a list of those taking part who were Pioneer Private Holloway, Drummer Thompsett and next to him his Drum Major, Sergeant Lavington; next is an unnamed Drummer boy. Sergeant Major Bestley is in the centre and on his left stands Colour Sergeant Cane and Gym Sergeant Cook. An unnamed bandsman is next and lastly is Quartermaster Sergeant Boshell. The Boshell family contributed to an unbroken line of service to the Royal Berkshire Regiment. QMS Boshell was later commissioned and won the Distinguished Service Order in the 1st World War. His son was also commissioned into the Regiment and he too won the DSO, this time in Burma during the 2nd World War.

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