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SBYRW : 10858

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Obituary in the form of a newspaper cutting (Copyright) concerning the life of Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Charles Simmonds who joined the Royal Berkhire Regiment in 1931. The cutting is from The Independent and is dated the 26th of January 1999.

Person(s): Simonds, A C;

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SBYRW : 40396

Royal Berkshire Regiment - An Obituary for Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Charles Simmonds OBE who joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment in 1931. He worked in Intelligence during the Palestine operations sometimes supplying information to Wingate?s Special Night Squads. He parachuted into Ethiopia during the 2nd World War serving as part of Wingate's Gideon Force. He died in 1999. His obituary Includes a photograpgh]

Person(s): Simonds, A, Colonel;

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