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SBYRW : 10038

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A newpaper cutting (Copyright) marked "Weekend News" dated 17 June 1977 explaining how Major West and his children Mark and Helen had been tending the grave of Trudy, a dog who had belonged to a Provost Corporal in the Battalion - photos of their work are held as Atrefact 9972

Person(s): West,, Major; West, M; West, H;

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SBYRW : 10111

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A newpaper article (Copyright) entitled ' Seine Crossing was Hell for George'. covering the 4th Battalion's involvement in the crossing of the Seine in 1944. The article includes an interview with George Butcher, of the 4th Battalion, a veteran of this campaign.

Person(s): Butcher, G;

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SBYRW : 10276

Wiltshire Regiment - cuttings from local newspapers over the period 1945 to the 1950's relating events concerning the Regiment over that period.

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SBYRW : 10364

The Wardrobe (House and Garden) - An article from Country Life (Copyright) dated 24 September 1981 about The Close which mentions the Wardrobe. There are also 2 photocopies of the same article.

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SBYRW : 10808

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Newspaper cutting (Copyright) concerning a medal awarded to Captain Maurice Clive Radford for gallantry and devotion to duty at Cuinchy on the night of the 21st of June 1915. The date of the newspaper cutting is unknown.

Person(s): Radford, M C;

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SBYRW : 10863

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two newspaper cuttings (Copyright) concerned with the death of 2nd Lieutenant Marcel Andre Simon, the location of his remains in France in 1998, and the search for any of his relatives. One of the cuttings is from The Sun, and is dated Saturday the 23rd of September 2000, the other is from an unknown publication, the date of the cutting is also unknown.

Person(s): Simon, M A;

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SBYRW : 13721

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Two newspaper cuttings (Copyright) dated March 1971 telling how Sergeant Ernest Brian Potter won the Queen's Commendation for bravery for his efforts duringa riot in Belfast in Northern Ireland in 1970

Person(s): Potter, E B;

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SBYRW : 14181

Wiltshire Regiment - A newspaper cutting (Copyright) entitled "Arrested in Germany. Unpleasant experience of a Birmingham man." It is regarding Mr. Adams' travel from Dresden to Switzerland and the indignities he suffered at the hands of the Germans on the outbreak of War.

Person(s): Adams, A T, Captain;

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SBYRW : 14502

7th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Newspaper cutting (Copyright) of a picture of an officer in uniform with a woman.

Person(s): Garland, E, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 14508

Wiltshire Regiment - A newspaper cutting (Copyright) with an article entitled 'Det.-Sergeant Returns to Army as Civilian'. It is regarding Mr. Robert Maurice Adams, who joined the Army in 1916 and served in Hong Kong and India as well as was with the Military Attache in Kabul. Leaving the Army he joined the Metropolitan Police and was stationed in Islington.

Person(s): Adams, R M, Captain;

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SBYRW : 14513

Wiltshire Regiment - Various newspaper cuttings (Copyright) with photographs and articles. They belonged to Captain Robert Maurice Adams but none of them is regarding him. Possibly they are regarding people he had known throughout the army. They include articles entitled "Ex-Wilts Alderman Dies", "Grand Old Soldier Leaves For Chelsea" dated 1952, "Stalwart of the Wiltshires" from 1953 and undated article "MM of First World War". There are also cuttings with photographs of a platoon of the Wiltshire Regiment taken in early 1920's in India and a photograph of Mayor of Devizes taken at the presentation of the Freedom of the Borough to the Wiltshire Regiment.

Person(s): Adams, R M, Captain;

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SBYRW : 14514

Wiltshire Regiment - Various newspaper cuttings (Copyright) all regarding the Wiltshire Regiment. They were found among other documents belonging to Captain Robert Maurice Adams and include the following articles: "Honour for a regiment", "Proud Privilege of Wilts Regiment" from Bath & Wilts Chronicle & Herald, dated 4th December 1947, "Freedom for Wiltshire Regt" from Bristol Evening World, dated 22nd May 1950 and "First Freedom of Devizes Goes to Wiltshire Regiment" from The Wiltshire Gazette, dated 25th May 1950.

Person(s): Adams, R M, Captain;

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SBYRW : 14521

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Two newspaper cuttings from The Times dated 2nd November, 1916 which include the Roll of honour and the capture of Schwaben Redoubt. On the reverse is a list of casualties, including the name of Major Frank B. Adams.

Person(s): Adams, F B, Major;

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SBYRW : 14563

Wiltshire Regiment - A cutting from the Wiltshire Gazette (Copyright) commemorating the conferring of the Freedom of the Borough upon the Wiltshire Regiment. It is dated 25th May 1950.

Person(s): Bolter, W J;

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SBYRW : 14623

1st Volunteer Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Four copies (originals) of a newspaper article (Copyright) sent by Sergeant T.W. Avenell describing "A Volunteer's Career in South Africa". The year the article was published was 1902.

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SBYRW : 14676

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - 4 newspaper cuttings relating to the Boer War. They were found among other documents belonging to Colonel H. M. Carter. They include articles entitled "Captured Orange Arms", "Wiltshire Regiment", "The Soldier's and Sailors' Families Association proceeds of the great county sale" and "The Wet's Escape". There is also a newspaper cutting with a drawing showing Orange Free State prisoners on the cycle track at Green Point Camp in Cape Town.

Person(s): Carter, H M, Colonel;

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SBYRW : 14682

Wiltshire Regiment - a photocopy of an article (Copyright) about Captain Leslie Frank Cook in Wilts, Berks and Hants County Paper, dated 20th October 1944. It includes the announcement that General Montgomery is to leave the Eight Army dated January 1944.

Person(s): Cook, L F;

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SBYRW : 14708

66th Regiment - A cutting from the Times archive in 1882 relating to the court appearance of Lieutenant William Alfred Ernest Lonergan. He had fought with the Regiment in Afghanistan and Maiwand. He was charged and convicted of theft and, as a consequence, his services were no longer required by the Army. The item is not complete, further information can be obtained from the Times Digital archives.

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SBYRW : 14786

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper article (Copyright) relating to the Battalion's tour in Northern Ireland in 1974. It contains one image which appears in the Regimental photographic history with the following caption Lieutenant Chilton (left) briefs Private Ward, prior to a patrol in Northern Ireland, 1974. Lieutenant Chilton had previously served as a Territorial in the 4th/6th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. He served with 1 DERR in British Honduras, Panama, Cyprus and Berlin. He later transferred to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel after which he became the third Regimental museum curator at Salisbury. Private Ward served for many years. In 1987 he was part of the STANOC (Surveillance, Target Acquisition, Night Observation and Counter-surveillance) team at Larkhill. From there he was deployed as part of the team that conducted a search of the passenger ferry Herald of Free Enterprise when it capsized with great loss of life at Zeebrugge. He later remembered 'There was a group of RN divers there, who I think were part of a training party, but they were searching for survivors. I went with some of them to try and find anyone left alive, as the Spyglass would be able to give an indication of body warmth. Incidentally, the Spyglass worked after immersion, which is more than could be said for me, it was freezing. After a few hours it became clear that there was no-one left alive. I then helped to move bodies out of the ferry, several in some very strange places, I remember a steward who seemed to have locked himself in his wardrobe to get away from the water. It took an hour or so to get his body out. Altogether I assisted with 23 bodies, getting them down on to a floating platform next to the wreck. After 36 hours we returned home arriving on a Sunday. I flew to Hong Kong to re-join the Battalion the following day'. He retired in 1995 as WO2, as RQMS (Tech) of 1 RGBW.

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SBYRW : 14811

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment - A newspaper article dated 10th March 1971 relating to the actions of Sergeant Potter. Sergeant Potter, 5 Platoon’s sergeant, received a Mention in Dispatches for his work that night; his citation reads, ‘During the late afternoon of 3 July 1970, the Company was deployed to Albert Street, Belfast, where serious rioting was taking place. Sergeant Potter was the platoon sergeant of No. 5 Platoon which had been deployed at the junction of Albert Street and Raglan Street. On the arrival of the platoon, a crowd of about 400 youths pelted them with bottles, stones, ball bearings and marbles fired from catapults, and later with gelignite grenades. Sergeant Potter was wounded in the hand early on in the action and suffered a fractured finger which was also badly cut. In spite of his painful injury, he continually organised and controlledes repeated baton charges by his two leading sections. By his presence and calm bearing, he was able to steady the front rank under a continuous hail of missiles and bring the mission to a successful conclusion. Later in the evening, after he received attention to his wounds, he returned to the platoon and remained with them in the cordon of the Falls area for the rest of the night and the following day. Sgt Potter displayed courage and devotion to duty and contributed greatly to the success of the operations his platoon carried out during the night'. The newspaper cutting includes an image of Sergeant Potter.

Person(s): Potter,, Sergeant;

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