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SBYRW : 25975

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Twenty map tracings of Battalion and Company positions kept by Major G.F. Woolnough M.C during the Italian Campaign. Many of the locations are unidentified and require further investigation . Seven of them have been scanned and are available here

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SBYRW : 25985

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A hand drawn map by Sergeant Richards showing the Battalion's positions in a camp area on the 31st October 1942 in the area of the Isfahan-Qum Road, near Basra. Some officers are named.

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SBYRW : 43025

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A map, hand drawn by Captain G Woolnough in 1942, of Antsiranr Airfield Defence Scheme in Madagascar

Person(s): Woolnough, G, Captain;

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SBYRW : 47010

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sketch plan prepared by Captain George Woolnough relating to the state of the ground near Montenero, Italy, dated 3rd March, 1944. On this this he was part of an advance party prior to the main body of the battalion arriving. [Linked to 47009]

Person(s): Woolnough, G, Colonel;

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