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SBYRW : 10303

Wiltshire Regiment - A letter from Mrs B. Gardiner (Lieutenant Leslie Frank Cook's sister) regarding him. It was sent on 9th September 1998 to the Curator of the Regimental Museum. There are also biographical notes for Lieutenant L. F. Cook, probably made by Mrs. Gardiner.

Person(s): Cook, L F, Captain;

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SBYRW : 40429

Wiltshire Regiment - A type written two page letter from T J F Tucker to Simon Cook, the Manager Curator, dated 19th May 2012. It covers a number of points such as the spelling of the name and the rank of 2nd Lieutenant Doddrell, the whereabouts of his grave and that-of Captain Knight, the origins of the marrch, The Vly, details of one Lieutenant Redman and a few other items. Some of the points have been used to make corrections to the database and the website.

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