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SBYRW : 10033

d/d 1809 1811 and 1813 also article on Archdeacon Benning and son Conway. photo of Conway Benning

Person(s): Benning, C, Captain;

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SBYRW : 10107

Wiltshire Regiment - Various documents belonging to late Major John Henry Pyle Pafford, who enlisted at Trowbridge on 7th September 1917. They include a commission to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant issued on 24th March 1919, a letter to him sent from Infantry Record Office in London, regarding returning the Army Form Z21, dated 14th April 1919, a Certificate of employment during the War ( on the Army Form Z.18), dated August 1918 and a "Protection Certificate and Certificate of Identity" (on the Army Form Z.11), dated 7th February 1919 issued for him. There is a certificate of discharge for Private No. 12714J.H.P. Pafford dated 8th March 1919, a release certificate issued for Temporary Major J. H. P. Pafford (on the Army Form X212), granting him 56 days of leave with the effect from 8th December 1945. There is also a letter from The War Office to J. H. P. Pafford, dated 23rd January 1922, informing him that in consequence of the demobilization of the Army, a notification that he relinquishes his commission will be published in the "London Gazette". There is a training programme for Platoon No.10, for the period of 19th - 25th October 1941. There is a handwritten programme of night operations carried out on 17th October 1941 by Platoon No.17.

Person(s): Pafford, J H P;

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SBYRW : 10117

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Three letters sent by Private Arthur Dewey to his mother and father dating from the 27th August 1918 to the 1st September. Private Dewey was injured and hospitalised at Queen Mary's Military Hospital, Whalley, Lancashire. His letters describe his recovery and how he received his injuries.

Person(s): Dewey, A W;

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SBYRW : 10224

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A booklet containing a set of letters that was read out at Remembrance Sunday Service in All Saints Church in Winterslow in 1998 by Canon Clive Cohen. The letters were written by Jim Hoddinott, of Winterslow, and rifleman Jack Andrews to Miss Evelyn Seager during the 1st World War. The booklet also contains enough historical information to put the letters brilliantly into context. There is also a letter sent by Canon Clive Cohen, Rector of the Parish in Winterslow. It was sent to Major Ball and concerns FJ Hoddinott in regard to preparations forRemembrance Sunday. The letter is dated 19th November 1998.

Person(s): Hoddinott, F J;

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SBYRW : 10272

Wiltshire Militia - A letter dated 30th December 1959 from Mr. or Mrs. Warneford, a relative of Colonel Francis Warneford, regarding his service. There is a second letter regarding the same issue, dated 18th January 1960, sent from Librarian of The War Office, D. W. King to Colonel Kenrick.

Person(s): Warneford, R;

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SBYRW : 10274

Wiltshire Regiment - Two letters from Mr. D. W. King, from The War Office in London to Colonel Neville Kenrick, dated September 1960. They are regarding the service and promotion of Major General William Strode who served in 1705-1712 and 1722-1776.

Person(s): Strode, W;

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SBYRW : 10303

Wiltshire Regiment - A letter from Mrs B. Gardiner (Lieutenant Leslie Frank Cook's sister) regarding him. It was sent on 9th September 1998 to the Curator of the Regimental Museum. There are also biographical notes for Lieutenant L. F. Cook, probably made by Mrs. Gardiner.

Person(s): Cook, L F, Captain;

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SBYRW : 10378

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A letter from Captain R. G. Coleman to his family, dated 28th May 1940; it was written whilst he was interned in Sweden after the Norwegian Campaign.

Person(s): Coleman, R G, Major;

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SBYRW : 10379

Wiltshire Regiment - A standard letter from the Colonel of the Wiltshire Regiment, John Hart-Dunne, to surviving non-commissioned officers and men serving in Wiltshire Regiment up to end of the 1st World War. It was sent to E. S. Foreman.

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SBYRW : 10391

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter written from Major R P Harvey to his mother whilst serving in South Africa on 25 Aug 1902.

Person(s): Harvey, R P, Major;

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SBYRW : 10392

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter written from Major R P Harvey to his sister whilst serving in South Africa on 4 Nov 1901.

Person(s): Harvey, R P, Major;

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SBYRW : 10733

66th Regiment - A letter, probably dating from the 1930s, with which was enclosed Object 4643 which is a set of recollections of the Peninsular War writtten by a Colonel Clarke. The letter, to someone callled Hight, is written by Julia Ready, a relation, perhaps a daughter, of Sir Felix Ready

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SBYRW : 10758

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Several letters addressed to Brigadier W.C.A Hanney. The first letter is dated the 15th of January 1931 informing Hanney of an interview that has taken place by a civilian; the second letter is from a Mohammed Ahim of Khan Bahadur Mohamed Amin J.P.F.B.E.E (of Meerut) who owned a shop that supplied the military, it is dated the 30th of August 1946 and congratulates Hanney on becoming a Brigadier. The third letter, from the Allahabad Club. is dated the 21st of August 1930 and is a response to a letter of complaint; the fourth letter is from the United Service Club, Lucknow, and is dated the 20th of August 1930; it is a letter of complaint concerning attire worn and language used on the golf course along with details of an incident that took place.

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SBYRW : 10761

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters and a card describing Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals all relate to the 2nd World War. The first letter is dated the 2nd July 1945 and concerns with relinquishing commission, it is for Captain A. H. Haynes. The second letter is dated the 27th April 1948 and is a response to a letter written on the 7th April 1948. It is concerned with award entitlements for Captain A. H. Haynes.

Person(s): Haynes, A H;

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SBYRW : 10764

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters corncerned with Major Nugent's private finances. The letters are both addressed to the late Major Nugent's wife and are dated as the 28th of December 1918 and the 15th of March 1919. The letter dated December 1918 is from Cox and Company of Charing Cross, the second, dated March 1919 is from the War Office.

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SBYRW : 10765

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters written to Mrs Nugent. The first is a typed covering letter (not dated) from the Borough of Middleton and refers to an illuminated memorial presented by the town following the death of Major Charles Nugent, it is signed by the Town Clerk, J P Walmsley. The second letter is also typed. It is dated the 11th of December 1918, and written from Lieutenant Colonel S Campbell, Commanding Officer of the Number 4 Canadian Casualty Clearing Station. The letter details the death of Major Nugent.

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SBYRW : 10766

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A set of eleven letters written to Mrs Nugent concerning her financial affairs with reference to the death of her husband Captain (Acting Major) Nugent. The letters cover are dated from the 23rd of December 1918 to the 24th of December 1919. Pension information is given along with information concerning an allowance to be given to children of deceased soldiers.

Person(s): Nugent, C; Nugent,, Mrs;

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SBYRW : 10769

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter from J Wigman addressed to Captain Nugent, the letter is dated 28th October 1915. The letter is a personal letter thanking the Captain for a wedding gift he has recently received.

Person(s): Nugent, C; Wigman, J; J Wigman;

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SBYRW : 10770

5th Bn and 2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters written to the Commanding Officer of the 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment from Captain C Nugent. The letters are dated the 16th of April 1916 and the 17th of April 1916. The first letter is handwritten and is four pages long, it is a letter of complaint that Captain Nugent has been superceded for the appointment of 2nd in Command of the 5th Battalion by an Officer who is junior in Service and in Rank. The letter mentions Major General E Feltham, Brigadier General G P S Hunt, and Colonel F G Barker. The second letter is a page long and is a letter concerning the promotion of Captain C Nugent.

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SBYRW : 10771

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of letters and related documents concerning accomodation and details of the voyage of the S.S. Arcadia departing on the 29th of April 1914. Also included are two requests for leave dated the 20th of December 1913 and the 30th of January 1914. The correspondance and other information concerns Lieutenant C Nugent.

Person(s): Nugent, C;

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