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SBYRW : 4599

lst/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Various documents belonging to Private No.201138 William Charles West. These include a Certificate of Disembodiment for him, dated 19th June 1919, a Certificate of Employment dated 1919, a pass to enter City walls of Jerusalem, available for three days in December 1918, a Soldier's Demobilisation Account on the Army Form W.5065 dated 1916 and a Certificate of Identity dated 22nd May 1919. There is also an label envelope, intended to hold one or more F.M. Cards, which would have been tied to him during his transfer between a CCS (Casualty Ckearing Station) and a Base Hospital; the implication is that he was seriously wounded at some stage - no FM card remains. Finally there is a currency note of 20 Piastres value.

Person(s): West, W C;

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