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SBYRW : 27043

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A newspaper cutting (Copyright) entitled ?How a DCM was won?. It was from a letter reproduced by Sergeant E Ward about Private 8524 Harold Fredrick Bossom D.C.M, telling the story of what he witnessed and how Private Bossom died.

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SBYRW : 27907

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A copy of Battalion Part II orders dated the 5th May 1959 relating to the Honours and Awards. It lists Major Ward, Lieutenant Colonel Woolnough and Major D Savill of the Royal Berkshire Regiment (attached pended the amalgamation). All were Mentioned in Dispatches for service in Cyprus. It appeared in the London Gazette on the 14th April 1959.

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The outside of the bible

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SBYRW : 29039

Unit unknown or none - 1914 Soldiers - Active Service New Testament belonging to Private J. F. Ward.

Person(s): Ward, J F,Private;

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SBYRW : 32391

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers at Bareilly in India in 1923 showing, from left to right in the back row, 2nd Lieutenant W.E.C. Davidson-Houston, 2nd Lieutenant W.L. Walton (attached), Lieutenant W.L. Taffs, Lieutenant F.N. Elliot, 2nd Lieutenant E.C.S. Ward (Attached), Lieutenant M. Wykes MC, Lieutenant H.W.G. Arthy and Lieutenant J.T. Burgess (AEC); in the middle row are Lieutenant H.E. Rew, Lieutenant A.D. Brown, Lieutenant G.L. Blight, Captain J.H. Sugrue, Captain H.H.R. Hilliard, Captain M.C. Dempsey MC, Lieutenant A.P. Aveline MC, Lieutenant A.W. Dolby and Captain H. Roberts DSO, MC; in the front row are Captain H. Pawle OBE, Captain H.R.W. Wood, Captain E.F. Eagar, Colonel S.G. Francis DSO, Lieutenant and Adjutant D.W. Furlong OBE, MC and Captain and Quartermaster Mr A.G. Coombes MC.

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SBYRW : 36878

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Biographical details of Captain John Arundell, 16th Baron Arundell of Wardour who transferred from the 4th (Territorial Army) Battalion to the 2nd Battalion at the start of the 2nd World War. Commanding "C" Company, he was taken prisoner in 1940 ending up in Colditz Castle where he developed TB; he was repatriated to England in 1944 but regrettably he died of the TB in hospital in Chester before he could return to New Wardour Castle. With his death, the Arundell line died out.

Person(s): Wardour, J, Captain;

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SBYRW : 4247

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A cutting (Copyright) from unknown newspaper with an article entitled "Lieutenant Colonel Warden's impending retirement". It is regarding Lieutenant Colonel Louis H. Warden who commanded the Battalion in South Africa.

Person(s): Warden, L H;

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SBYRW : 46239

66th Regiment - A photocopy of a drawing by Ensign Ward who served with the Regiment on St Helena. He drew the emperor Napoleon on his death bed on the island, 1821.

Person(s): Ward, , Ensign;

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Copy of a special order signed by the Commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel C.L.C. Ward

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SBYRW : 47768

30th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment ? Copy of the special order signed by the Commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel C.L.C. Ward regarding the disbandment of the battalion in 1945. Included is the letter from Field Marshall B.L. Montgomery, dated 4th October, 1945 which started this train of events, and a response from the Colonel of the Regiment Major General R. Collins.

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SBYRW : 4883

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A Certificate for the Centenary Commemoration 1959 awarded to L Wardle. The text on the certificate reads; "Presented to Drummer L Wardle, of Drums, who paraded with the 4th/6th Battalion, The Royal Berkshire Regiment (T. A.) during its Centenary Celebrations in Reading. Saturday, 10th October and Sunday 11th October".

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SBYRW : 6041

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A very fancifully decorated complete Muster Roll of the Battalion as it was in 1910 under the command of Lieutenant Colonel L H Warden.There is also a smaller version.Both are mounted on cardboard.

Person(s): Warden, F H, Colonel;

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SBYRW : 6235

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A collection of documents belonging to Captain P. J. Prior, the documents cover the period 1939 to 1945. Included are three speeches made to troops concerning the victory over Germany, they are dated May and June 1945 and May 1946; three Menus, the first menu is dated the 29th of November 1944, the second Friday 25th of July 1947 (the dinner was held by General Sir Miles C Dempsey), and the date of the third is unknown. Two of the Menu's have a handwritten or signatured list of attendees in them, one has the names of attendees typed in order of rank inside and on the back cover of the menu. The document includes an issue of the 'Battalion News' dated the 28th of March 1945, the location given is West Germany. There are three documents that contained detailed information on proceedures (or orders) to follow. The document includes a number of training manuals for various courses, photocopies of fitness and medical records and a memoir entitled 'Fifty Years Ago Today' written by P J Prior CBE, DL and dated the 6th of June 1994 which recalls the D Day landings.

Person(s): Prior, P. J, CBE, DL Captain; Witkowski, J; Dempsey, M, C, Sir, Colonel General; McCracken, F, W, N, Sir, Lieutenant-General; Collins, R, J, Major- General; Fullbrook- Leggatt, Q, O, Major General; Tindall Lucas, C, H, Major General; Francis, S, G, Brigadier General; Aveline, A, P, Brigadier; Hanney, W, C, A, Brigadier; Hughes, A, C, Brigadier; Leslie, J, T, Brigadier; Pawle, H, Brigadier; Smith, K, P, Brigadier; Tremellen, L, Brigadier; Field, G, S, Colonel; Hibbert, A, P, J, Colonel; Morris, C, E, Colonel; Sharpe, A, G, M, Colonel; Simmer, Sir P, Colonel; Allen, K, H, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Barker, F, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Bassett, J, R, Lieutenant Colonel; Brownrigg, P, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Buckham, A, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Digby, R, M, Lieutenant Colonel; Eagar, E, F, Lieutenant Colonel; Du Pre Finch, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Hanning, A, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Harris, J, C, Q, Lieutenant Colonel; Hawkins, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Hayward, P, H, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Helby, I, D, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Davidson- Houston, W, E, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Hudson, Sir, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Jackson, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Lucas, R, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; MacDowel, H, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; MacLean, D, N, Lieutenant Colonel; Orr, E, A, B, Lieutenant Colonel; Sawyer, G, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Sinclair, D, C, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Sugrue, J, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Taffs, A, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Taylor, F, E, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Trimmer- Thompson, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Verey, H, P, Lieutenant Colonel; Acton, G, D, Major; Ambler, D, B, J, Major; Arbuthnot, G, H, Major; Barton, F, M, Major; Beer, D, F, L, Major; Bradshaw, A, V, Major; Brown, W, B, E, Major; Bromhead, R, B, G, Major; Morton-Clarke, J, C, M, Major; Coker, J, F, Major; Cockcraft, W, C, Major; Dale, C, G, Major; Daw, A, F, Major; Donaldson, I, G, Major; Flood, G, R, Major; Gabain, E, F, Major; Gibb, G, F, Major; Godfrey, D, C, Major; Gorle, H, V, Major; Greet, R, H, Major; Hight, P, H, Major; Hill, L, J, L, Major; Hope, R, J, Major; Jenkins, L, K, Major; Lear, C, J, Major; Macer, T, H, Major; Martin, J. H, S, Major; Meyer, P, B, Major; Mills, W, G, S, Major; Moore, F, J, W, H, Major; Norton, E, R, Major; Prichard, L, O, Major; Ray, E, B, A, Major; Ready, J, B, Major; Riddell, R, H, Major; Robinson, L, B, Major; Savill, H, Major; Chaplin-Snowden, A, Major; Turner, H, A, Major; Tynan, F, Major; Webb, P, B, Major; West, D, R, C, Major; Woodroffe, D, R, C, Major; Baker, A, A, J, Captain; Barns, J, F, F, Captain; Barter, H, D, F, Captain; Cree, T, M, Captain; Dempsey, M, C, Captain; Dodds, R, Captain; Francis, E, L, Captain; Gilding, E, M, Captain; Hobson, B, Captain; Holden, E, G, Captain; Hood, D, Captain; Moss, T, Captain; Redford, N, Captain; Tuffill, C, M, Captain; Walenn, J, S,C, Captain; Ward, H, L, F, Captain; Watson, C, R, Captain; Youlde, W, J, C, Captain; Cummings, G, R, J, Lieutenant; Wallis, R, L, Lieutenant; Simmonds, F, A;

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SBYRW : 8858

Wiltshire Regiment - Commission dated 11th September 1939 relating to 2nd Lieutenant Howard Peter Ward.

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