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A copy of his birth certificate.

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SBYRW : 21505

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Photocopies of Birth and marriage records of Private 9642 Henry James Wallington who went to France in 1914 with the 1st Wiltshires, was wounded twice and later killed in Action 21st March 1918. He has no known grave and is commemorated on the Arras Memorial to the missing. The documents contain a bad copy of an old photograph of him and his wife.

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SBYRW : 27552

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper extract (Copyright) relating to the recovery in hospital of Private Richard Wallis who was shot in the leg in 1974 whilst on a border patrol near Aughnacloy, County Tyrone. Prior to joining the Army he was an apprentice jockey having won two flat races at Epsom and Ascot. This item includes a photo of Private Wallis in Hospital.

Person(s): Wallis, R, Private;

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SBYRW : 27690

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper cutting, dating from 1974 (Copyright), headed ?Patrol ambushed?. It reported the story of a patrol getting ambushed by the IRA in County Tyrone. In this attack Private Wallis of ?A? Company was hit in the leg.

Person(s): Wallis,, Private;

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SBYRW : 28366

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of the medal card for Private 8506 E. Wallis. He started the war as a private soldier and was later commissioned, serving in the 8th (Service) Battalion.

Person(s): Wallis, E, Private;

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The front cover

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SBYRW : 36959

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A hard backed hand written diary kept by Private 4244 William Wallington. He writes of his experiences as a member of Number 2 Company, Royal Berkshire Mounted Infantry, in the Boer War in South Africa, 1899 ? 1902.

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SBYRW : 36960

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A small hard backed hand written location diary kept by Private 4244 William Wallington. He served in Number 2 Company, Royal Berkshire Mounted Infantry in the Boer War in South Africa, 1899 ? 1902. In this book he lists the places visited by his unit and the distances marched. In addition there is a small list of names indicating those killed or wounded. [This would be an excellent original document for anyone researching this unit]

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SBYRW : 36961

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - An account of the funeral of ex-Private 4244 William Wallington in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. It is believed he died in the early 1950s. He served in the Mounted Infantry Company in the Boer War and was discharged to the reserve after that war. He re-enlisted when the 1st World War started and was wounded in 1917.

Person(s): Wallington, W, Mr;

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SBYRW : 38500

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of the attestation document for Private William Fredrick Wallis. He initially joined the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry but was later transferred to the Royal Berkshire Regiment with whom he was wounded losing a leg. The documents includes his birth, marriage and death certificates. He died in 1936.

Person(s): Wallis, W F, Private;

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SBYRW : 40016

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of the attestation papers for Private 8356 Henry Watts who joined on the 24th January 1887. In 1889 he transferred to the Army Medical Corps with whom he remained until 1899. He was discharged in 1899 but was immediately recalled for service in South Africa during the Boer War. He was discharged in 1903. After returning to Reading, he joined the 4th Battalion Royal Berkshire Regiment. His Great War service is not clear but at some point towards the end of the war he joined the Tank Corps. After the war he was a member of the Caversham Veterans Club. He died during an operation after the war (Date not certain, but he was aged 56.

Person(s): Walls, H,Private;

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SBYRW : 42790

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - An account of the death of Private Terence Wallace who was killed in a Road Traffic Accident at Warminster in 1977.

Person(s): Wallace, T, Private;

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SBYRW : 4691

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of documents belonging to F Moor. The documents consist of typed copies of diary extracts (that covers the period 3rd July 1917 to 27th October 1917), a list of those mentioned in the 1917 Diary or simply remembered, a message form, a document entitled 'Reflections in 1979', and an account of a proposed landing on the coast of Belgium (near Ostend) in 1917.

Person(s): Moor, F; Bishop, Captain; Belcher, Sargent; Bland, Lieutenant; Boshell, Captain; Bray, Lieutenant; Busby, Private; Bushell, Private; Carr, Lieutenant; Cheshire, Private; Clarke, Lieutenant; Crampin, 2nd Lieutenant; Dempsey, Lieutenant; Dewing, Lieutenant Colonel; Dimore- Brown, 2nd Lieutenant; Dolby, 2nd Lieutenant; Drury; Emery, Private; Footman, Captain; Fortune, Brigadier General; Glenister, 2nd Lieutenant; Goodship, 2nd Lieutenant; Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant; Gregson-Ellis, Lieutenant; Guy, 2nd Lieutenant; Hanney, 2nd Lieutenant; Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant; Heale, 2nd Lieutenant; Hinde, 2nd Lieutenant; Holland, 2nd Lieutenant; Holmes, Corporal; Holton, 2nd Lieutenant; Irman, R S M; Jones, Private; Johnson, 2nd Lieutenant; Joy, Sergent; Kenny, 2nd Lieutenant; Kingerlee, 2nd Lieutenant; Lane, Private; Langston, 2nd Lieutenant; Lawrance, Captain,; Lawrence, Captain,; Lee; McEmery, Private; Macmillan; Martin, Sargent; Mecey, Lieutenant; Merrifield, Lieutenant; Mellish, Private; Montgomery, Major- General; Morley, Lieutenant; Morris, 2nd Lieutenant; Naysmith; Neale, Private; Nugent, Captain; Oliver, 2nd Lieutenant; Paine, Lieutenant; Partington, Private; Pershing, General; Philips; Pinniger, 2nd Lieutenant; Pocock, 2nd Lieutenant; Rawlinson, General; Remmant, 2nd Lieutenant; Rowland, Sergent; Russel, Sargent; Seton, Private; Shaw, Private; Spencer, Captain; Stilton, Private; Stocken, 2nd Lieutenant; Stroud, Lieutenant Corporal; Taylor, Private; Thame, R S M; Tisard, 2nd Lieutenant; Tosetti, Major; Turner, 2nd Lieutenant; de Vitre, 2nd Lieutenant; Waldron, Corporal; Wallace, 2nd Lieutenant; Walls; Wells, 2nd Lieutenant; Weedon, 2nd Lieutenant; Willafit, Lance Corporal; Woolvit, Private; Willof, Lance Corporal; Yates, Brigadier Major; Young, Lance Corporal;

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SBYRW : 6235

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A collection of documents belonging to Captain P. J. Prior, the documents cover the period 1939 to 1945. Included are three speeches made to troops concerning the victory over Germany, they are dated May and June 1945 and May 1946; three Menus, the first menu is dated the 29th of November 1944, the second Friday 25th of July 1947 (the dinner was held by General Sir Miles C Dempsey), and the date of the third is unknown. Two of the Menu's have a handwritten or signatured list of attendees in them, one has the names of attendees typed in order of rank inside and on the back cover of the menu. The document includes an issue of the 'Battalion News' dated the 28th of March 1945, the location given is West Germany. There are three documents that contained detailed information on proceedures (or orders) to follow. The document includes a number of training manuals for various courses, photocopies of fitness and medical records and a memoir entitled 'Fifty Years Ago Today' written by P J Prior CBE, DL and dated the 6th of June 1994 which recalls the D Day landings.

Person(s): Prior, P. J, CBE, DL Captain; Witkowski, J; Dempsey, M, C, Sir, Colonel General; McCracken, F, W, N, Sir, Lieutenant-General; Collins, R, J, Major- General; Fullbrook- Leggatt, Q, O, Major General; Tindall Lucas, C, H, Major General; Francis, S, G, Brigadier General; Aveline, A, P, Brigadier; Hanney, W, C, A, Brigadier; Hughes, A, C, Brigadier; Leslie, J, T, Brigadier; Pawle, H, Brigadier; Smith, K, P, Brigadier; Tremellen, L, Brigadier; Field, G, S, Colonel; Hibbert, A, P, J, Colonel; Morris, C, E, Colonel; Sharpe, A, G, M, Colonel; Simmer, Sir P, Colonel; Allen, K, H, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Barker, F, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Bassett, J, R, Lieutenant Colonel; Brownrigg, P, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Buckham, A, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Digby, R, M, Lieutenant Colonel; Eagar, E, F, Lieutenant Colonel; Du Pre Finch, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Hanning, A, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Harris, J, C, Q, Lieutenant Colonel; Hawkins, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Hayward, P, H, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Helby, I, D, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Davidson- Houston, W, E, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Hudson, Sir, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Jackson, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Lucas, R, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; MacDowel, H, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; MacLean, D, N, Lieutenant Colonel; Orr, E, A, B, Lieutenant Colonel; Sawyer, G, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Sinclair, D, C, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Sugrue, J, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Taffs, A, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Taylor, F, E, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Trimmer- Thompson, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Verey, H, P, Lieutenant Colonel; Acton, G, D, Major; Ambler, D, B, J, Major; Arbuthnot, G, H, Major; Barton, F, M, Major; Beer, D, F, L, Major; Bradshaw, A, V, Major; Brown, W, B, E, Major; Bromhead, R, B, G, Major; Morton-Clarke, J, C, M, Major; Coker, J, F, Major; Cockcraft, W, C, Major; Dale, C, G, Major; Daw, A, F, Major; Donaldson, I, G, Major; Flood, G, R, Major; Gabain, E, F, Major; Gibb, G, F, Major; Godfrey, D, C, Major; Gorle, H, V, Major; Greet, R, H, Major; Hight, P, H, Major; Hill, L, J, L, Major; Hope, R, J, Major; Jenkins, L, K, Major; Lear, C, J, Major; Macer, T, H, Major; Martin, J. H, S, Major; Meyer, P, B, Major; Mills, W, G, S, Major; Moore, F, J, W, H, Major; Norton, E, R, Major; Prichard, L, O, Major; Ray, E, B, A, Major; Ready, J, B, Major; Riddell, R, H, Major; Robinson, L, B, Major; Savill, H, Major; Chaplin-Snowden, A, Major; Turner, H, A, Major; Tynan, F, Major; Webb, P, B, Major; West, D, R, C, Major; Woodroffe, D, R, C, Major; Baker, A, A, J, Captain; Barns, J, F, F, Captain; Barter, H, D, F, Captain; Cree, T, M, Captain; Dempsey, M, C, Captain; Dodds, R, Captain; Francis, E, L, Captain; Gilding, E, M, Captain; Hobson, B, Captain; Holden, E, G, Captain; Hood, D, Captain; Moss, T, Captain; Redford, N, Captain; Tuffill, C, M, Captain; Walenn, J, S,C, Captain; Ward, H, L, F, Captain; Watson, C, R, Captain; Youlde, W, J, C, Captain; Cummings, G, R, J, Lieutenant; Wallis, R, L, Lieutenant; Simmonds, F, A;

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