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SBYRW : 18808

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - An instruction booklet (in confidence) giving notes for the preparation of engagements when meeting the Duke of Edinburgh

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SBYRW : 18809

1st Bn (Rifle Volunteers), Wessex Regiment - A training calender for 1988 used by Brigadier Turner

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SBYRW : 18810

Wiltshire Regiment - An invitation card for Brigadier Turner to attend an anniversary event, in 1989, of the Wiltshire Regiment's last day before amalgamation with the Royal Berkshire Regiment 30 years before

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SBYRW : 21095

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of the birth certificate for Alexander Buller Turner, who went on to win the Victoria Cross in 1915 whilst serving in the 1st Battalion. He died of wounds. He was born at 'Inverionaide', Southcote Road, Reading on 22nd May 1893. He father was a Captain in the Regiment.

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The outside of the Order of Service.

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SBYRW : 23804

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - Brigadier William George Rhyll Turner's (Colonel of the Regiment) funeral order of service held at The Royal Memorial Chapel, Sandhurst, on Thursday 28 September 1989.

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SBYRW : 25398

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - An ?In Memoriam? card for Private Edward John Turner, who died at Quetta in India on the 17th August 1898, aged 24 years and 7 months.

Person(s): Turner, E J, Private;

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This image is Copyright to the originator and is therefore not displayed here - details of it are available at the Museum

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SBYRW : 27004

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - An extract from a newspaper (Copyright) giving the details of how Lieutenant Turner VC, won the Victoria Cross in 1915 and how he died.

Person(s): Turner, A, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 27649

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper cutting dating from 1973 (Copyright) headed ?The man who, in 1973 is still goose-stepping?. It refers to Rudolf Hess and his continuing presence in Spandau Prison in Berlin. At this time he was being guarded by members of the Battalion and the article contains many quotes from soldiers in the Battalion. It contains an image of Hess in his garden and a further image of five Swindon soldiers who guarded Hess with, from left to right, L/Corporal Rudolph Barnett, L/Corporal Paul Fennell, Staff Sergeant Norman Haynes, Sergeant Alan Turner and L/Corporal Frank Chitty.

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SBYRW : 3182

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Various documents belonging to No. 5566208 Private Harry Edward John Turner who attested at Devizes on 17th February 1925 and was transferred to the Army Reserve on 16th February 1932. They include 3rd and 2nd Class Certificates of Education for him, dated 27th May 1925 and 14th December 1925., a certified copy of his attestation and his Certificate of Service in its original envelope. There are also an Army Form B104-58 regarding a Private Turner's application to join Section D of the Army Reserve, dated January, 1937 and a Christmas menu, dated 31st December 1952 which includes numerous signatures, it belonged to Mr. H. E. J. Turner.

Person(s): Turner, H E J;

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SBYRW : 41309

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper cutting (Copyrigt) from an interview with Lieutenant Colonel Bill Turner, the Commanding Officer, in 1973 about the Battalion's departure from Berlin and the up and coming tour in Northern Ireland.

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SBYRW : 41316

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - An article about comments made by Lieutenant Colonel Bill Turner about the Battalion's forthcoming tour in Northern Ir0eland in 1974, It is entitled ?Ready for anything?.

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SBYRW : 43204

Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - An obituary for Brigadier W G R Turner, CBE. He died in 1990

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SBYRW : 4691

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of documents belonging to F Moor. The documents consist of typed copies of diary extracts (that covers the period 3rd July 1917 to 27th October 1917), a list of those mentioned in the 1917 Diary or simply remembered, a message form, a document entitled 'Reflections in 1979', and an account of a proposed landing on the coast of Belgium (near Ostend) in 1917.

Person(s): Moor, F; Bishop, Captain; Belcher, Sargent; Bland, Lieutenant; Boshell, Captain; Bray, Lieutenant; Busby, Private; Bushell, Private; Carr, Lieutenant; Cheshire, Private; Clarke, Lieutenant; Crampin, 2nd Lieutenant; Dempsey, Lieutenant; Dewing, Lieutenant Colonel; Dimore- Brown, 2nd Lieutenant; Dolby, 2nd Lieutenant; Drury; Emery, Private; Footman, Captain; Fortune, Brigadier General; Glenister, 2nd Lieutenant; Goodship, 2nd Lieutenant; Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant; Gregson-Ellis, Lieutenant; Guy, 2nd Lieutenant; Hanney, 2nd Lieutenant; Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant; Heale, 2nd Lieutenant; Hinde, 2nd Lieutenant; Holland, 2nd Lieutenant; Holmes, Corporal; Holton, 2nd Lieutenant; Irman, R S M; Jones, Private; Johnson, 2nd Lieutenant; Joy, Sergent; Kenny, 2nd Lieutenant; Kingerlee, 2nd Lieutenant; Lane, Private; Langston, 2nd Lieutenant; Lawrance, Captain,; Lawrence, Captain,; Lee; McEmery, Private; Macmillan; Martin, Sargent; Mecey, Lieutenant; Merrifield, Lieutenant; Mellish, Private; Montgomery, Major- General; Morley, Lieutenant; Morris, 2nd Lieutenant; Naysmith; Neale, Private; Nugent, Captain; Oliver, 2nd Lieutenant; Paine, Lieutenant; Partington, Private; Pershing, General; Philips; Pinniger, 2nd Lieutenant; Pocock, 2nd Lieutenant; Rawlinson, General; Remmant, 2nd Lieutenant; Rowland, Sergent; Russel, Sargent; Seton, Private; Shaw, Private; Spencer, Captain; Stilton, Private; Stocken, 2nd Lieutenant; Stroud, Lieutenant Corporal; Taylor, Private; Thame, R S M; Tisard, 2nd Lieutenant; Tosetti, Major; Turner, 2nd Lieutenant; de Vitre, 2nd Lieutenant; Waldron, Corporal; Wallace, 2nd Lieutenant; Walls; Wells, 2nd Lieutenant; Weedon, 2nd Lieutenant; Willafit, Lance Corporal; Woolvit, Private; Willof, Lance Corporal; Yates, Brigadier Major; Young, Lance Corporal;

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SBYRW : 4725

3rd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A Commission for Alexander Buller Turner to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant from the 15th of August 1914. The Commission is dated the 8th of September 1914 inside and the 11th of September 1914 on the cover.

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SBYRW : 4726

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A commission for Charles Turner to the rank of Lieutenant from the 22nd October 1881. The commission is dated the 17th of October 1881 on the inside and the 21st of October 1881 on the cover. Also enclosed are two letters, the first is a handwritten covering letter written from Miss J E B Turner to Colonel Hunter. The letter accompanied the commission when Miss Turner sent it to the Museum, it is dated the 30th of October 1979. The second lettter is typed, the sender is unknown (althought the Colonel of the regiment at the time), it was forwarded on by Brigadier Hunter and is written to Miss J E B Turner as a reply to her previous letter. The letter is dated November 1979.

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SBYRW : 4727

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A handwritten Memo from CO relating to his proficiency at sketching and reporting 29 Nov 1882

Person(s): Turner, C;

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SBYRW : 4728

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A First Class Certificate for Lieutenant Charles Turner concerning a course completed at the School of Musketry, Hythe. The certificate states that Lieutenant Turner is 'perfectly qualified to instruct the theory and practice of Musketry', the document is dated the 30th June 1883 and is signed by Colonel H Trent (Inspector General of Musketry).

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SBYRW : 4729

49th Regiment and 1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two newspaper cuttings concerned with the history of Thatcham House and its occupants. The first gives details about the Turner family who lived in the house from 1902 when it was acquired by Major Turner. The article goes into some detail concerning Major Turner's son Lieutenant A B Turner who was awarded the VC in 1915 and later died of injuries received during his service, the article also mentions the war memorial first erected in 1966 and the gift of a German gun that had been captured during the 1st World War, that was given to Thatcham. The second article gives further details of Thatcham House, it mentions Lieutenant Colonel Victor Buller Turner, Cecil Turner, Mark Turner, and Mr Bruno Zornow. Both documents are from an unknown publication, although as they are titled under the 'Local History Forum', it would appear that they are from a publication local to the Thatcham area. The dates of the articles are unknown, although the most recent date mentioned is 1980.

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A Christmas card sent to the battalion by the Colonel in Chief, Prince Phillip, 1959

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SBYRW : 48232

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh├?┬?s Royal Regiment - A Christmas card sent to the battalion by the Colonel in Chief, Prince Phillip, 1959. [Received on behalf of all ranks by Major F R E Turner]

Person(s): Turner, F R E, Major;

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