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SBYRW : 21716

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A copy of a six page hand-written letter sent to the Adjutant General at the War Officer, dated 17th May 1915 by the father of Lieutenant M.B. Thompson relating to his son's court martial at Reading. He had been charged with (1) disobeying the commands of his superior officer at Reading on April 10th, he having been ordered to take Lieutenant Blackall to his room and keep him in close confinement until duly relieved, and having allowed Lt Blackall to leave his room and walk with him in the public street. (2) With being drunk in the officers mess on the same date. Lieutenant Thompson was found not guilty. The letter was a plea for his son to be transferred to another regiment. It includes a newspaper clipping relating to the Court Martial.

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SBYRW : 25352

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - a two page article from Soldier Magazine dated May 2004 relating to the Battalion's deployment to Kosovo. It includes three colour images, one of Lieutenant Colonel Nick Welch, the second showing Privates Gaz Longstaff, Ian Perry and L/Corporal Neil Thompson of ?B? Company assessing the damage to a hospital in Bresje and the third showing Private Semesa Leweni on patrol. The second page is very difficult to read

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SBYRW : 27548

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A newspaper report (Copyright) relating the Battalion's activities on the border area of Northern Ireland entited 'The Sneak Game'. It names many soldiers who were interviewed by the reporter. It contains two images, one of Corporal Ian Thompson, and the other of Private Roy Gardiner.

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SBYRW : 29432

49th Regiment - A newspaper report listing those ?Mentioned in Dispatches? during the Crimean War 1854-1856. It lists Colour Sergeant 2395 George Vayng, Colour Sergeant 2446 John McCoy, L/Corporal 1622 Alexander Pendridge, L/Corporal 2848 Peter Owens, Sergeant 2812 Micheal Rooney, Colour Sergeant 1616 John Thompson, and Private 2587 Robert McKenna. In addition to their names it gives details of why the award was made.

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SBYRW : 43222

2nd Bn, The Rifles - An account of the Battalion's activities in Sangin, Helmand, Afghanistan in 2009 by the Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Robert Thompson. .

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SBYRW : 6235

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A collection of documents belonging to Captain P. J. Prior, the documents cover the period 1939 to 1945. Included are three speeches made to troops concerning the victory over Germany, they are dated May and June 1945 and May 1946; three Menus, the first menu is dated the 29th of November 1944, the second Friday 25th of July 1947 (the dinner was held by General Sir Miles C Dempsey), and the date of the third is unknown. Two of the Menu's have a handwritten or signatured list of attendees in them, one has the names of attendees typed in order of rank inside and on the back cover of the menu. The document includes an issue of the 'Battalion News' dated the 28th of March 1945, the location given is West Germany. There are three documents that contained detailed information on proceedures (or orders) to follow. The document includes a number of training manuals for various courses, photocopies of fitness and medical records and a memoir entitled 'Fifty Years Ago Today' written by P J Prior CBE, DL and dated the 6th of June 1994 which recalls the D Day landings.

Person(s): Prior, P. J, CBE, DL Captain; Witkowski, J; Dempsey, M, C, Sir, Colonel General; McCracken, F, W, N, Sir, Lieutenant-General; Collins, R, J, Major- General; Fullbrook- Leggatt, Q, O, Major General; Tindall Lucas, C, H, Major General; Francis, S, G, Brigadier General; Aveline, A, P, Brigadier; Hanney, W, C, A, Brigadier; Hughes, A, C, Brigadier; Leslie, J, T, Brigadier; Pawle, H, Brigadier; Smith, K, P, Brigadier; Tremellen, L, Brigadier; Field, G, S, Colonel; Hibbert, A, P, J, Colonel; Morris, C, E, Colonel; Sharpe, A, G, M, Colonel; Simmer, Sir P, Colonel; Allen, K, H, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Barker, F, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Bassett, J, R, Lieutenant Colonel; Brownrigg, P, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Buckham, A, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Digby, R, M, Lieutenant Colonel; Eagar, E, F, Lieutenant Colonel; Du Pre Finch, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Hanning, A, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Harris, J, C, Q, Lieutenant Colonel; Hawkins, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Hayward, P, H, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Helby, I, D, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Davidson- Houston, W, E, C, Lieutenant Colonel; Hudson, Sir, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Jackson, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Lucas, R, H, A, Lieutenant Colonel; MacDowel, H, G, S, Lieutenant Colonel; MacLean, D, N, Lieutenant Colonel; Orr, E, A, B, Lieutenant Colonel; Sawyer, G, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Sinclair, D, C, S, Lieutenant Colonel; Sugrue, J, H, Lieutenant Colonel; Taffs, A, L, Lieutenant Colonel; Taylor, F, E, A, Lieutenant Colonel; Trimmer- Thompson, G, Lieutenant Colonel; Verey, H, P, Lieutenant Colonel; Acton, G, D, Major; Ambler, D, B, J, Major; Arbuthnot, G, H, Major; Barton, F, M, Major; Beer, D, F, L, Major; Bradshaw, A, V, Major; Brown, W, B, E, Major; Bromhead, R, B, G, Major; Morton-Clarke, J, C, M, Major; Coker, J, F, Major; Cockcraft, W, C, Major; Dale, C, G, Major; Daw, A, F, Major; Donaldson, I, G, Major; Flood, G, R, Major; Gabain, E, F, Major; Gibb, G, F, Major; Godfrey, D, C, Major; Gorle, H, V, Major; Greet, R, H, Major; Hight, P, H, Major; Hill, L, J, L, Major; Hope, R, J, Major; Jenkins, L, K, Major; Lear, C, J, Major; Macer, T, H, Major; Martin, J. H, S, Major; Meyer, P, B, Major; Mills, W, G, S, Major; Moore, F, J, W, H, Major; Norton, E, R, Major; Prichard, L, O, Major; Ray, E, B, A, Major; Ready, J, B, Major; Riddell, R, H, Major; Robinson, L, B, Major; Savill, H, Major; Chaplin-Snowden, A, Major; Turner, H, A, Major; Tynan, F, Major; Webb, P, B, Major; West, D, R, C, Major; Woodroffe, D, R, C, Major; Baker, A, A, J, Captain; Barns, J, F, F, Captain; Barter, H, D, F, Captain; Cree, T, M, Captain; Dempsey, M, C, Captain; Dodds, R, Captain; Francis, E, L, Captain; Gilding, E, M, Captain; Hobson, B, Captain; Holden, E, G, Captain; Hood, D, Captain; Moss, T, Captain; Redford, N, Captain; Tuffill, C, M, Captain; Walenn, J, S,C, Captain; Ward, H, L, F, Captain; Watson, C, R, Captain; Youlde, W, J, C, Captain; Cummings, G, R, J, Lieutenant; Wallis, R, L, Lieutenant; Simmonds, F, A;

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SBYRW : 8848

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Commission dated 6th June 1939 relating to Lieutenant - Gerald Trimmer- Thompson M.C.

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