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SBYRW : 21237

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - An article from The Salisbury Journal of the 12th August 1999 (Copyright) which contains five images showing Privates Karl Hampton, Paul Upton, Leon Upton, Tristan Rossiter, Richard Martin and L/Corporal Tim Rowley with 2nd Lieutenant Andy French; the article relates to operations in Bosnia

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The poster

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SBYRW : 34441

4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A small poster (fragile) advertising a grand vocal dramatic and instrumental entertainment, presented by Officers and Men of the 4th (Reserve) Battn, Wiltshire Regiment, supported by Miss Annie Coxen and Mr Ross. It took place on Sunday, 3rd March 1915. It is probably the 3rd/4th as the 1st/4th and the 2nd/4th were both in India - and later Palestine for the 1st/4th - for the period of the 1st World War

Person(s): Ross,, Mr; Coxen, A, Miss;

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