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SBYRW : 22918

The McCracken Collection - A letter written to Brigadier Sir F W N McCracken by General Douglas Haig dated 1 January 1914 enclosing a photograph of himself and asking for one in return. It also sends good wishes for 1914! The photograph is not with the letter.

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SBYRW : 40464

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter to Major General McCracken from Vice Admiral Cecil Burney (Royal Navy) dated the 5th May 1912. [Linked to photograph 40465]

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SBYRW : 40467

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A letter from Field Marshal Allenby sent to Major General McCracken on the 27th June 1922. It comes together with a Photograph. [Linked to Photograph 40466]. At this time Allenby was the High Commissioner for Egypt.

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