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SBYRW : 26637

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - An extract from a publication (Copyright) entitled ?The Western Front Association Bulletin? relating to the late inclusion of Private 16892 Edward Fred Johnson on the Windsor War Memorial.

Person(s): Johnson, E, Private;

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SBYRW : 3632

99th Regiment - Series of documents concerned with action and operations at Inyezane during the Zulu War on 22nd January 1879 .The documents include a series of Reports by Lieutenant Colonel Welman (Commanding 99th Foot); Commander Campbell (R N Commanding Naval Brigade); Major Barrow (19th Hussars, Commanding Mounted Troops); Lieutenant Lloyd and Major Graves (3rd Foot, Commanding 2nd Regiment, Natal Native Contigent. The documents are dated from the 22nd January 1879. Included within the reports is a sketch concerning operations. Also included within the documents is a drawing of two soldiers standing next to the graves of Lieutenant G C Johnson, Private J Smith, Private J Lawrence and Lieutenant Colonel E V Northey, the graves are dated 1879. The sketch is taken from a London Illustrated News Print.

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SBYRW : 36879

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Biographical details of Major General Dudley Graham Johnson , VC. He served in the Battalion during the Boer War. He transferred to the South Wales Borderers in 1903 and was later awarded the Victoria Cross whilst commanding a Battalion of the Sussex Regiment on the Western Front in 1918.

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This image is Copyright to the originator and is therefore not displayed here - details of it are available at the Museum

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SBYRW : 37143

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A photocopy of the service record for L/Corporal 5576255 L C Johnson who enlisted in 1940

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SBYRW : 42784

99th Regiment - Various documents, extracts from a will and information on the background of family information for Lieutenant Colonel James Johnson of the 99th Regiment.

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SBYRW : 4691

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of documents belonging to F Moor. The documents consist of typed copies of diary extracts (that covers the period 3rd July 1917 to 27th October 1917), a list of those mentioned in the 1917 Diary or simply remembered, a message form, a document entitled 'Reflections in 1979', and an account of a proposed landing on the coast of Belgium (near Ostend) in 1917.

Person(s): Moor, F; Bishop, Captain; Belcher, Sargent; Bland, Lieutenant; Boshell, Captain; Bray, Lieutenant; Busby, Private; Bushell, Private; Carr, Lieutenant; Cheshire, Private; Clarke, Lieutenant; Crampin, 2nd Lieutenant; Dempsey, Lieutenant; Dewing, Lieutenant Colonel; Dimore- Brown, 2nd Lieutenant; Dolby, 2nd Lieutenant; Drury; Emery, Private; Footman, Captain; Fortune, Brigadier General; Glenister, 2nd Lieutenant; Goodship, 2nd Lieutenant; Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant; Gregson-Ellis, Lieutenant; Guy, 2nd Lieutenant; Hanney, 2nd Lieutenant; Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant; Heale, 2nd Lieutenant; Hinde, 2nd Lieutenant; Holland, 2nd Lieutenant; Holmes, Corporal; Holton, 2nd Lieutenant; Irman, R S M; Jones, Private; Johnson, 2nd Lieutenant; Joy, Sergent; Kenny, 2nd Lieutenant; Kingerlee, 2nd Lieutenant; Lane, Private; Langston, 2nd Lieutenant; Lawrance, Captain,; Lawrence, Captain,; Lee; McEmery, Private; Macmillan; Martin, Sargent; Mecey, Lieutenant; Merrifield, Lieutenant; Mellish, Private; Montgomery, Major- General; Morley, Lieutenant; Morris, 2nd Lieutenant; Naysmith; Neale, Private; Nugent, Captain; Oliver, 2nd Lieutenant; Paine, Lieutenant; Partington, Private; Pershing, General; Philips; Pinniger, 2nd Lieutenant; Pocock, 2nd Lieutenant; Rawlinson, General; Remmant, 2nd Lieutenant; Rowland, Sergent; Russel, Sargent; Seton, Private; Shaw, Private; Spencer, Captain; Stilton, Private; Stocken, 2nd Lieutenant; Stroud, Lieutenant Corporal; Taylor, Private; Thame, R S M; Tisard, 2nd Lieutenant; Tosetti, Major; Turner, 2nd Lieutenant; de Vitre, 2nd Lieutenant; Waldron, Corporal; Wallace, 2nd Lieutenant; Walls; Wells, 2nd Lieutenant; Weedon, 2nd Lieutenant; Willafit, Lance Corporal; Woolvit, Private; Willof, Lance Corporal; Yates, Brigadier Major; Young, Lance Corporal;

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Article by Museum Volunteer Sue Johnson entitled ?All change at the Wardrobe?

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SBYRW : 47941

The Rifles Museum ? An article by Museum Volunteer Sue Johnson entitled ?All change at the Wardrobe?. She gives a potted history of the museum from the date of opening to the present day [2016]

Person(s): Johnson, S, Ms;

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SBYRW : 51060

Wiltshire Regiment Depot - A set of caricatures by the artist Fred May depicting officers at the Depot in Devizes, Wiltshire believed in the 1920s. Listed are Captain Grant Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel R.F. Guy, CMG, DSO, Captain and Adjutant A.T. Griffiths, Captain A .L. Halford, Captain K.J.P. Oliphant, MC, Captain G.R. Ramsey, MC, Captain N.F.V. Hamiliton, Captain E.C. Betts. 

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SBYRW : 51104

99th Regiment - An obituary for Ex Sergeant Thomas Johnson who died in 1929. 

Person(s): Johnson, T, Mr;

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