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SBYRW : 4145

62nd Regiment - A letter from Dr. A. L. Crockford to Infantry & GSC Records in York, dated 13th January 1972. It is regarding a tomb seen by him at Milazzo Peninsula in Sicilly. An inscription on the tomb was stating:"In memory of the late Captain Sam Hodges of Her Britannic Majesty's 62nd Regiment of Foot who departed this life on 30th September 1888 (or 1868)". There is a reply sent from the Office on 19th January 1972, informing that the previous letter was forwarded to the Regimental Headquqrters in Reading. Finally there is a letter from the Regimental Museum sent to Dr Crockford on 25th January 1972. There is also an envelope with a stamp dated 13th January 1972.

Person(s): Hodges, S, Captain;

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