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SBYRW : 21448

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A transcription, dated 1999, of the diary of Lieutenant Aubrey Mellish Bray, MC who died of Wounds 8.8.1918. He was the son of Reginald Edward Bray who served in the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment at Maiwand.

Person(s): Bray, A M, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 29714

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A hand written guide to photograph 29713 showing the location of each officer in that image. (This is replicated in the Regimental History by Petre)

Person(s): Bray, A, Lieutenant;

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SBYRW : 40351

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Biographical details of Major Reginald Edward Traherne Bray ,compiled by General Sir Robert Bray who lived from 1860 to 1931

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SBYRW : 42897

Wiltshire Regiment - Photocopies of papers relating to L/Sergeant 5563938 Thomas Henry Bray (former number 8851) he served from 1912 to 1928.

Person(s): Bray, T H, L/Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 44957

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment ? A letter from Major Lenthall Dickenson DSO, SCF the Battalion padre to Mrs Brayne, the mother of Private Clifford Charles Brayne of number ten platoon, ?C? Company. He served from 1917 to 1919. The letter is headed Headquarter, Reserve Irish Brigade, Durrington Camp, Salisbury Plain. He had been the Padre to the attalion in France for several years and the letter was to confirm his communion.

Person(s): Brayne, C C, Private;

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SBYRW : 4691

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A series of documents belonging to F Moor. The documents consist of typed copies of diary extracts (that covers the period 3rd July 1917 to 27th October 1917), a list of those mentioned in the 1917 Diary or simply remembered, a message form, a document entitled 'Reflections in 1979', and an account of a proposed landing on the coast of Belgium (near Ostend) in 1917.

Person(s): Moor, F; Bishop, Captain; Belcher, Sargent; Bland, Lieutenant; Boshell, Captain; Bray, Lieutenant; Busby, Private; Bushell, Private; Carr, Lieutenant; Cheshire, Private; Clarke, Lieutenant; Crampin, 2nd Lieutenant; Dempsey, Lieutenant; Dewing, Lieutenant Colonel; Dimore- Brown, 2nd Lieutenant; Dolby, 2nd Lieutenant; Drury; Emery, Private; Footman, Captain; Fortune, Brigadier General; Glenister, 2nd Lieutenant; Goodship, 2nd Lieutenant; Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant; Gregson-Ellis, Lieutenant; Guy, 2nd Lieutenant; Hanney, 2nd Lieutenant; Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant; Heale, 2nd Lieutenant; Hinde, 2nd Lieutenant; Holland, 2nd Lieutenant; Holmes, Corporal; Holton, 2nd Lieutenant; Irman, R S M; Jones, Private; Johnson, 2nd Lieutenant; Joy, Sergent; Kenny, 2nd Lieutenant; Kingerlee, 2nd Lieutenant; Lane, Private; Langston, 2nd Lieutenant; Lawrance, Captain,; Lawrence, Captain,; Lee; McEmery, Private; Macmillan; Martin, Sargent; Mecey, Lieutenant; Merrifield, Lieutenant; Mellish, Private; Montgomery, Major- General; Morley, Lieutenant; Morris, 2nd Lieutenant; Naysmith; Neale, Private; Nugent, Captain; Oliver, 2nd Lieutenant; Paine, Lieutenant; Partington, Private; Pershing, General; Philips; Pinniger, 2nd Lieutenant; Pocock, 2nd Lieutenant; Rawlinson, General; Remmant, 2nd Lieutenant; Rowland, Sergent; Russel, Sargent; Seton, Private; Shaw, Private; Spencer, Captain; Stilton, Private; Stocken, 2nd Lieutenant; Stroud, Lieutenant Corporal; Taylor, Private; Thame, R S M; Tisard, 2nd Lieutenant; Tosetti, Major; Turner, 2nd Lieutenant; de Vitre, 2nd Lieutenant; Waldron, Corporal; Wallace, 2nd Lieutenant; Walls; Wells, 2nd Lieutenant; Weedon, 2nd Lieutenant; Willafit, Lance Corporal; Woolvit, Private; Willof, Lance Corporal; Yates, Brigadier Major; Young, Lance Corporal;

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