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SBYRW : 7845

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A colour photo of the Corporals Mess on the occasion of the presentation of new Colours by Duke of Edinburgh in 1984

Person(s): Husher, R P, L/Corporal, Carey, N C, L/Corporal, Simonowski, J, L/Corporal, Goldsmith, D A, L/Corporal, Hare, J D, L/Corporal, Hauxwell, J D, L/Corporal, Telfer, D, L/Corporal, Devlin, B, L/Corporal, Savage, A G, L/Corporal, Plomer, A P, L/Corporal, Blaber, B D, L/Corporal, Jackson, S J, L/Corporal, Wood, M, L/Corporal, Hibberd, S R, L/Corporal, Nichol, G, L/Corporal, Pickford, B, L/Corporal, Lerpinere, M G, L/Corporal, Collins, R A, L/Corporal, Shears, W J, L/Corporal, McGuire, M J, L/Corporal, Missenden, I, L/Corporal, Goodwin, J E, L/Corporal, Decarteret, T W J, L/Corporal, Fraser, K, L/Corporal, Scott, P, L/Corporal, Crawford, J P, L/Corporal, Bury, R, L/Corporal, Latham, C, L/Corporal, Flay, S C, L/Corporal, Traveller, A E, L/Corporal, Silvester, S E, L/Corporal, Simpson, G, L/Corporal, White, N, L/Corporal, Murtagh, P, L/Corporal, Haddow, M G, L/Corporal, Hardy, J, L/Corporal, Wragg, B J, L/Corporal, Mellor, A R, L/Corporal, Clucas, W N, L/Corporal, Grocock, D E, L/Corporal, Gibbs, W J, L/Corporal, Roller, A J, L/Corporal, O'Doherty, G L, L/Corporal, Brent, P G, L/Corporal, Olphert, G, L/Corporal, Hoare, S, L/Corporal, Fisher, A F, L/Corporal, Nash, S, L/Corporal, Hudd, C J, L/Corporal, Poole, G B, L/Corporal, Moore, G L, L/Corporal, Carpenter, L/CorporalJ, Edwards, G P, L/Corporal, Archer, R G, L/Corporal, Tuck, B, L/Corporal, South, D M F, L/Corporal, Dennison, PG, L/Corporal, Pollitt, K, L/Corporal, Gifford, G A, L/Corporal, Ellison, T R, L/Corporal, East, S G, L/Corporal, Hunt, S I, L/Corporal, Johnson, B J, L/Corporal, Quashie, J B, L/Corporal, Mellam, B, L/Corporal, Wardall, N D, L/Corporal, Stevens, D J, L/Corporal, Dunford, M C, L/Corporal, Driscoll, Corporal P J, Mills, Corporal G G, Evans, Corporal W M, Proberts, Corporal S J, Edwards, P, L/Corporal, Hopgood, M J, L/Corporal, Hanson, F W, L/Corporal, Smith, M J, L/Corporal, Fitzgerald, B, L/Corporal, Hutchings, M C, L/Corporal, Gray, G K, L/Corporal, Smart, L M, L/Corporal, Barlow, M A, L/Corporal, Knowles, Corporal R J, Alden, P B, L/Corporal, Gayle, C W, L/Corporal, Griffith, P L, L/Corporal, Wright, S C, L/Corporal, Bowler, R J, L/Corporal, Sellers, Corporal G L, Dollimore, T B, L/Corporal, Weaving, D J, L/Corporal, Shannon, F, L/Corporal, Harbrom, R J, L/Corporal, Lynch, B F, L/Corporal, Cowley, C J, L/Corporal, Petherick, Corporal R K, Kleis, Corporal M, Brown, Corporal W S, Tait, Corporal P J, Garner, Corporal C S, Thirtle, B C, L/Corporal, O'Neill, G N, L/Corporal, Hayter, Corporal M K, Coates, Corporal R L, Thompson, Corporal P, Allen, Corporal D, Hickman, Corporal R C, Brown, Corporal D J, Lee, Corporal M J, Sutherland, Corporal D, Stevens, Corporal J A, Reading, Corporal M C, Stanley, Corporal F N, Fodey, Corporal M A, Davies, Corporal M, Smith, Corporal G D, Cook, Corporal P D, Hiscock, Corporal A, Owens, Corporal R, Edworthy, Corporal C W, Jones, Corporal D C, Finley, Corporal R, Thackeray, Corporal A C, Bones, Corporal S F, Sumner, Corporal C, McIntyre, Corporal A B, Luke, Corporal M J, Goffey, Corporal S, Foy, Corporal K, Parks, Corporal J A G, McIntyre, Corporal R, Gibbs, Corporal A D, Essery, Corporal J A, Davies, Corporal W F, Adcock, M P, L/Corporal, Ball, Corporal N K, Gorrod, Corporal C J, Perry, Corporal C R, Ballantyne, Corporal J M, Cook, Corporal A W J, Hillsdon, Corporal M, Taylor, Corporal C J, Chapman, Corporal C P R, Harvey, Corporal A P, Oland, Corporal S P, Finnegan, Corporal L A, Webb, Corporal P, Annear, Corporal D G, West, Corporal A J P, Frayling, Corporal T, Hicks, WO 1 R G, Crabtree, Generaleral D T, Major, Prince Philip, Field-Marshall The HRH, Duke of Edinburgh, Mackereth, W A, Colonel, Wright, Corporal J F, Hawkins, Corporal D J, Heal, Corporal R E, Herbert, Corporal K J, Hignett, Corporal M A, Simms, Corporal R G, Martin, Corporal R G, Rose, Corporal D, Vincent, Corporal R, Smith, Corporal L L, Waterfall, Corporal J V, Bennett, Corporal K, Harris, Corporal R, Thomas, Corporal J R, Hall, Corporal P D, Murrell, Corporal K B,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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