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SBYRW : 7381

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Support Company at Warminster in 1954 Photographer; Moulton Bros. Trowbridge -

Person(s): Graves,, Private, Clark,, Private, Fouch,, Private, Watts,, Private, Salisbury,, Private, Riley,, Private, Palmer,, Private, Hatherall,, Private, Phillimore,, L/Corporal, Hawkins,, Private, Pauley,, Private, Futcher,, Private, Sutton, Corporal, Bennett,, Private, Brewer,, Private, Trubridge,, Private, Shaw, Corporal, Dunn,, Private, Lambourne,, Private, Andrews,, Private, Dear,, Private, Burdock,, Private, Pemberthy,, Private, Brown,, L/Corporal, Prestoe,, Private, Sheppard,, Private, Taylor,, Private, Berryman,, Private, Hume,, Private, Wyatt,, Private, Pemberty,, Private, Berry,, Private, Martin,, Private, Sangar,, Private, Bush,, L/Corporal, Dobie, Corporal, Maisey,, Private, Woolford,, Private, Legg, Corporal, Boughton,, Private, Weeks,, Private, Greenstock,, Private, Robbins,, Private, Burris,, Private, Gilbert,, Private, Roberts,, Private, Gassor,, Private, Nobes,, Private, Hill, Corporal, Vosper,, L/Corporal, Parker,, Private, Knobbs,, Private, Bartlett,, Private, Palmerino,, Private, Bradbury,, Private, Pearson,, Private, Clancy,, Private, Lane,, Private, Cox,, Private, Fryer,, Private, Fox,, Private, Cole,, Cfn, Lammin,, L/Corporal, Simpson,, L/Corporal, Adlam,, Private, Troke,, Private, Parker,, L/Corporal, Poolman,, Private, Wilkins,, Private, Furse,, Private, Powell,, Private, Britten,, Private, Howe,, Private, Brown,, Private, Redding,, Private, Mansell,, L/Corporal, Mizen,, Private, Johnson,, Private, Bovey,, Private, Kent,, Private, Hardcastle,, L/Corporal, Daniels,, Private, Smith,, Private, Huish,, Private, Ford,, Private, Harvey,, Private, Ladd,, Private, Clegg,, L/Corporal, Cripps,, Private, Dallimore,, Private, Wheeler,, Private, Evans,, Private, Bushnell,, Private, Lewis,, Private, Price,, Private, Morris,, L/Corporal, Burns,, Private, Saunders,, Private, Nash,, Private, Lethbridge,, Private, Cole,, Private, Lynch,, Private, Greenham,, Private, Morley,, Private, O'Callaghan,, Private, George,, L/Corporal, Nichols, Corporal, Quinnel, Corporal, Briggs, D, Sergeant, Wheeler, W, Sergeant, Barrow, J, Sergeant, Price, Company J, Major, Fladgate, D W, Lieutenant, Bashall, J E, Lieutenant, Royle, R P, Major, Welsh, R T, Lieutenant, Parks, D A, Lieutenant, Farrelly, Company Quarter Master J, Sergeant, Bennett, G, Sergeant, Geike, A, Sergeant, Smith, M, Sergeant, Banks, Corporal, Lake, Corporal,

Wiltshire Regiment, 1st Bn

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