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SBYRW : 4726

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A commission for Charles Turner to the rank of Lieutenant from the 22nd October 1881. The commission is dated the 17th of October 1881 on the inside and the 21st of October 1881 on the cover. Also enclosed are two letters, the first is a handwritten covering letter written from Miss J E B Turner to Colonel Hunter. The letter accompanied the commission when Miss Turner sent it to the Museum, it is dated the 30th of October 1979. The second lettter is typed, the sender is unknown (althought the Colonel of the regiment at the time), it was forwarded on by Brigadier Hunter and is written to Miss J E B Turner as a reply to her previous letter. The letter is dated November 1979.

Person(s): Turner, C, Turner, J E B, Miss, Hunter, Brigadier,

Royal Berkshire Regiment

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