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SBYRW : 4469

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A letter sent from Warrant Officer P. I. King to the Curator of Wiltshire Regimental Museum in Devizes. It is regarding donating the belongings of his grandfather's (Sergeant Thomas King, who left the Regiment after 21 years of service in 1913), such as: a notebook in which he maintained a diary, two medals, his cane and his discharge record, to the Museum. The letter is dated 29th November 1973. There is a reply letter sent by the Curator of Regimental Museum to Mr. King regarding the Musuem's interest in having either as a gift or on a loan items listed in the previous letter; dated 3rd December 1973 and a letter sent to Lieutenant Colonel EAT Boggis form Warrant Oficcer PI King on 28th May 1074. It is regarding sending a parcel containing his grandfather's belongings. There is also a reply from The Musuem regarding the safe arrival of the parcel; dated 14th June 1974.

Person(s): King, T,

Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd Bn

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