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SBYRW : 37486

The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum - Cutting from the Evening Advertiser (Copyright) about the appeal for ?£50,000 towards cost of transforming The Wardrobe into the museum of the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, featuring pictures of Brigadier J R Roden, Colonel of the Regiment, with Colonel K G Comerford-Green, Regimental Secretary; examples of Wiltshire Regiment Uniforms; and a view of one of the displays at the Wiltshire Regiment Museum, Devizes, with Major Ronny Groves, Curator, and Cecil Holden-White, attendant. It is dated 8 December 1979 .

Person(s): Roden, J R, Brigadier, Comerford-Green, K G, Colonel, Groves, R, Major, Holden-White, C,

The Rifles (Berkshire and Wiltshire) Museum

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