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The officers at Swanage Camp, 1908

SBYRW : 33882

1st Volunteer Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group image of the officers at Swanage Camp in 1908.showing, standing, Lieutenant J.N. Aldworth, Lieutenant Compton, Lieutenant W.F.A. Stride, Captain Frederick A. Simmonds, Major Macfarlane Mason, Captain G.A. Battcock, Lieutenant Bewes and Reverend G. Gillmor; seated are Captain R.J. Clarke, Captain J.H. Cooper, Captain A.F. Ewen, Captain Morland, Captain L. Hanbury, Lieutenant Hamilton, Lieutenant A. Cooper, Captain Denis De Vitre and Lieutenant Egginton. In the front are Lieutenant Wertherd, Lieutenant David J. Mason, Reg Hanbury, Lieutenant C.A.L. Lewis and Lieutenant H. Hanbury. [This was taken in the same year as the Haldane reforms and it is believed this was the final group photograph taken whilst the Battalion was still designated as the 1st Volunteer Battalion]

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