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SBYRW : 27292

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants Mess on the occasion of the ?Maiwand? weekend 18th-20th July 1980 at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruck, West Germany. This photograph includes the Colonel-in-Chief, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip who was visiting the Battalion at this time. This image is named.

Person(s): Evans,, Sergeant, Lennon,, Sergeant, Irwin,, Sergeant, Wintle,, Sergeant, Chapman,, Sergeant, Watts,, Sergreant, Merritt,, Sergeant, Ravu,, Sergeant, Bungay,, Sergeant, White,, Sergeant, Taylor,, Sergeant, Kerr,, Sergeant, Wheaton,, Sergeant, Collier,, Sergeant, Smith,, Sergeant, Traveller,, Sergeant, Wilmot,, Sergeant, Carpenter,, Sergeant, Samson,, Sergeant, Prince,, Sergeant, Newton,, Sergeant, Luker,, Sergeant, Le-Strange,, Sergeant, Dobie,, Sergeant, Priddice,, Sergeant, Mellers,, Sergeant, Moloney,, Sergeant, North,, Sergeant, Trench,, Sergeant, Walters,, Sergeant, Maynard,, Sergeant, Austin,, Sergeant, Rose,, Sergeant, Gardiner,, Sergeant, Navarro,, Sergeant, Jones,, Sergeant, Fielding,, Colour Sergeant, Haines,, Colour Sergeant, Smales,, Staff Sergeant, Miller,, Staff Sergeant, Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant, Baleimatuke,, Colour Sergeant, Brame,, Colour Sergeant, Cook,, Staff Sergeant, Morgan,, Colour Sergeant, Mortimer,, Colour Sergeant, Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant, McMillan,, Staff Sergeant, Fedrick,, Colour Sergeant, Bone,, Staff Sergeant, Paz,, Colour Sergeant, Godwin,, Colour Sergeant, Finch,, Staff Sergeant, Wood,, Staff Sergeant, Lawrence,, Colour Sergeant, Davison,, Sergeant, Harill,, Drum Major, Turner,, WO2, Minty,, WO2, Luckwell,, WO2, Mullings,, WO1, Durcan,, WO2, Cartyer,, WO2, Green,, WO2, Millard,, WO1, Roden, J R, Brigadier, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, HRH, Coxon, G, Lieutenant Colonel, Nother,, Bandmaster, Chamberlain,, WO1, Hicks,, WO2, Breen,, WO2, Faly,, WO2, Cole,, WO2, Long,, WO2, Watson,, WO2, Calladine,, Staff Sergeant,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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