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SBYRW : 26723

Wiltshire Regiment - A photocopy of the old country song ?The Fly be on the Turmuts?. This was the march of the Wiltshire Regiment and this was arranged by H. Millington, late bandmaster of the 1st Wilts R.V. and Western Counties Brigade. The photo on the front of the music sheet is that of a Mr King, a Trowbridge business man who owned a shop called ?Kings Variety?. He was a member of the Volunteers (later the 4th Battalion) who dressed as a ?Turmet hoer? when the bandmaster re-arranged or composed this march for the 4th Battalion. Mr King died before the 1st World War. (in some versions the term ?Fly? reads ?Vly?)

Person(s): King,, Mr, Millington,, Bandmaster,

Wiltshire Regiment

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