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SBYRW : 25528

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Corporals Mess at Tidworth in 1962. This photograph was taken at a time when the British Army was changing over from the Battledress to the new No2 Dress. This photo is named.

Person(s): Gascoigne,, Corporal, Adams,, L/Corporal, Johnson,, L/Corporal, Church,, L/Corporal, Dixon,, L/Corporal, Milton,, Corporal, Pearced,, Corporal, Shears,, L/Corporal, Ogbourne,, L/Corporal, Hodgson,, L/Corporal, Judd,, L/Corporal, Benham,, L/Corporal, Walford,, L/Corporal, Brown,, Corporal, Thrush,, Corporal, Boucher,, L/Corporal, Isaacs,, L/Corporal, Hubbard,, Corporal, Overthrow,, L/Corporal, Sparks,, L/Corporal, Kemish,, Corporal, Temple,, L/Corporal, Hughes,, L/Corporal, Freelove,, Corporal, Collins,, L/Corporal, Slater,, Corporal, Acreman,, Corporal, Evans,, Corporal, Willoughby,, Corporal, Guppy,, Corporal, Martin,, Corporal, Johnson,, L/Corporal, Higgins,, Corporal, Wright,, Corporal, Snoek,, Corporal, Mure,, Corporal, Hennis,, L/ Corporal, Horward,, L/Corporal, Gigg,, Corporal, Pavey,, Corporal, Smart,, Corporal, Millasrd,, L/Corporal, Davey,, L/Corporal, Berrett,, L/Corporal, Richards,, L/Corporal, Green,, L/Corporal, Swift,, L/Corporal, Watton,, L/Corporal, Marrack,, L/Corporal, Lambell,, L/Corporal, Hawkes,, L/Corporal, Morris,, Corporal, Loady,, L/Corporal, Franklin,, L/Corporal, Bilby,, L/Corporal, Lee,, L/Corporal, Cole,, Corporal, Wray Bliss,, L/Corporal, Seaward,, Corporal, Best,, L/Corporal, Dimmer, L/Corporal, Tredwell,, Corporal, Mills,, Corporal, Burke,, L/Corporal, Burgess,, Corporal, Barlow,, L/Corporal, Haggerty,, L/Corporal, Williams,, Corporal, Brewerton,, L/Corporal, Haynes,, L/Corporal, Sawyer,, L/Corporal, Hewitt,, L/Corporal, Hall,, L/Corporal, Moore,, Corporal, Warden,, Corporal, Blake,, L/Corporal, Gane,, Corporal, Smith,, Corporal, Stewart,, L/Corporal, Hole,, Corporal, Hayden,, L/Corporal, White,, L/Corporal, Holding,, Corporal, Cross,, Corporal, Sheridan,, Corporal, Smith,, Corporal, Thomas,, L/Corporal, Jolley,, L/Corporal, Thomas,, Corporal, Maddington,, Corporal, Bunsell,, Corporal, Wright,, Corporal, Arnold,, Corporal, Cooper,, Corporal, Robertson,, Corporal, Lea-Cox, C B, Captain, Ballantine, D H, Lieutenant Colonel, Hodsges, L E, WO1, Pennell,, Corporal, Povery,, Corporal, Hadley,, Corporal, Hyde,, Corporal, Tipple,, Corporal, White,, Corporal, Roussel,, Corporal, Boland,, Corporal, Hughes,, L/Corporal, Townsend,, Corporal, Codling,, L/Corporal,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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