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SBYRW : 25122

66th Regiment - An article from a magazine called ?Drummers Call? relating to Drum Major Edwin Middle , 1876. This item includes a photograph of Middle who appears in a book called ?The Royal Berkshire Regiment 1743 ? 1914, a photographic history with a caption that reads ?Drum Major Edwin Middle, 66th Foot, 1876. He had previous service in the 47th and 72nd of Foot, transferring to the 66th in 1876 as a Private Soldier. Shortly after joining he was appointed Drum Major. In May 1880 he was discharged with chronic rheumatism, described as 'A worn out Soldier', thus missing the Battle of Maiwand by two months. His replacement L/Sgt Ireland took over the role of acting Drum Major and was killed in action at Maiwand. This photo is of particular interest as it shows the four bar chevron worn point downwards. In 1881 it was ordered that this badge was to be worn on the lower forearm with the point of the chevrons uppermost?.

Person(s): Middle, E, Drum Major,

66th Regiment

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