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SBYRW : 25005

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of ?A? Company in Londonderry, where they were stationed from July to November 1979. This photograph is named.

Person(s): Kew,, L/Corporal, McIntyre,, Private, Clay,, Private, Pigdott,, Private, Wigley,, Private, Cook,, Private, Weaving,, Private, Hall,, L/Corporal, Parrett,, Private, Broadbent,, Private, Thrasher,, Private, Langdon,, Private, Dyer,, Private, Mallamdain,, Private, Hudd,, Private, Stone,, Private, Mellam,, Private, Bradley,, Private, Salisbury,, Private, Guy,, Private, Cable,, Private, Balmer,, Private, Jackson,, Private, Morag,, Private, Missen, Private, Dodd,, Private, Walkington,, Private, Pullman,, Private, Willcox,, Private, Hopgoog,, Private, Cowel,, Private, Kuryszko,, Private, Telfer,, Private, Burgess 31,, Private, Kordowski,, Private, Warren,, Private, Roberts,, Private, Prosser,, Private, Hutchins,, Private, Proctor,, Private, Keen,, Private, Walter,, Private, Ditchburn,, Private, Murtagh,, Private, Farley,, Private, Speck,, Private, McCauley,, Private, McLaughlan,, Private, Hewer,, Private, Summer,, Private, Maddison,, Private, Grocock,, Private, Garner,, Private, Beeby,, Private, Powell,, Private, Petherick,, Private, Baker,, Private, Stewart,, Private, Tucker,, Private, Maxwell,, Private, Watchorn,, Private, Kruse,, L/Corporal, Davey,, L/Corporal, Frith,, Craftsman, Roller,, Private, Goldsmith,, Private, Barton,, Private, Richards,, Private, Burgess 67,, Private, Worledge,, Private, Hatt,, Private, Harriss,, Private, Sutton,, Private, Minns,, Private, Hillier,, Private, Essery,, L/Corporal, Thompson,, Private, Devlin,, Private, Parker,, Private, Sobers,, L/Corporal, McIntyre,, L/Corporal, Johnson,, L/Corporal, Evans,, L/Corporal, Bawden,, L/Corporal, Shinnick,, L/Corporal, Austin,, L/Corporal, Wragg,, L/Corporal, Caves,, L/Corporal, Alden,, L/Corporal, Holmes,, L/Corporal, Ferry,, L/Corporal, Perry,, L/Corporal, Dennison,, L/Corporal, Smith,, L/Corporal, Fisher,, L/Corporal, White,, L/Corporal, Roberts,, L/Corporal, Lewis,, L/Corporal, Snee,, L/Corporal, Annear,, L/Corporal, Samson,, Sergeant, McIntryre,, Sergeant, Gardner,, Sergeant, Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant, Haugh,, 2nd Lieutenant, Franklin,, Captain, Saunders,, major, Wiggins,, WO2, Durant,, Captain, King,, 2nd Lieutenant, Carr,, 2nd Lieutenant, Morgan,, Colour Sergeant, Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant, White,, Sergeant, Dobson,, Corporal, House,, Corporal, Hedwood,, Corporal, Trappe,, Corporal, Herbert,, Corporal, Goddart,, Corporal, Mallinson,, Corporal, Shead,, Corporal, Hignett,, Corporal, Hole,, Corporal, Allen,, Corporal, Bush,, Corporal, Tait,, Corporal, Chapman,, Corporal, Lovelock,, Corporal,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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