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SBYRW : 22625

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the Corporals Mess on the occasion of the ?Maiwand? weekend 18th-20th July 1980 at Mercer Barracks, Osnabruck, West Germany. This photograph includes the Colonel-in-Chief, His Royal Highness Prince Phillip who was visiting the Battalion at this time. This image is named.

Person(s): Sobers,, L/Corporal, Smith29,, L/Corporal, Flay,, L/Corporal, Scott45,, L/Corporal, Annear,, Corporal, Adam,, L/Corporal, Grocock,, L/Corporal, Brown,, L/Cororal, King,, L/Corporal, Webb,, L/Corporal, East,, L/Corporal, Mills75,, L/Corporal, Wragg,, L/Corporal, Austin,, L/Corporal, Crawford,,L/Corporal, Latham,, L/Corporal, Chapman,, Corporal, Stevens,, L/Corporal, Tait,, L/Corp[oral, Rogers,, L/Corporal, Crookson,, L/Corporal, Arman,, L/Corporal, Burgess,, L/Corporal, Foy.. L/Corporal, Mellam,, L/Corporal, Reading,, Corporal, Arnold,, L/Corporal, Carpenter,, L/Corporal, Lytham,, L/Corporal, Wolfenden,, L/Corporal, Thackery,, L/Corporal, Elliot,, L/Corporal, Tuckwell,, L/Corporal, Cox,, Corporal, Haddow,, L/Corporal, Tarrant,, L./Corporal, Probets,, L/Corporal, Wardell,, L/Corporal, Hudd,, L/Corporal, Dartnall,, L/Corporal, Summer,, L/Corporal, Bridgewater,, L/Corporal, Williams,, L/Corporal, Hurley,, L/Corporal, Essery,, L/Corporal, Brown,, L/Corporal, Perkins,, L/Corporal, Hopgood,, L/Corporal, Collins,, L/Corporal, Ball,, L/Corporal, Dallison,, L/Corporal, Fisher,, L/Corporal, Sanderson,, L/Corporal, Thomas,, Corporal, Gibbs66,, L/Corporal, Hickman,, L/Corporal, Bastow,, L/Corporal, Taylor,, L/Corporal, Pethick,, L/Corporal, Roberts,, L/Corporal, Hibberd,, L/Corporal, Goodman,, L/Corporal, Driscoll,, L/Corporal, Creasey,, L/Corporal, Herbert,, Corporal, Preston,, L/Corporal, Gibbs,, Corporal, Harvey,, Corporal, Young,, Corporal, Hallett,, Corporal, Butler,, Corporal, Simms,, Corporal, Tonks,, L/Corporal, Archer,, Corporal, Hall,, Corporal, Shears,, L/Corporal, Perrott,, Corporal, Trowers,, Corporal, Fodey,, Corporal, Carter,, Corporal, Long,, L/Corporal, Butcher,, Corporal, Mallinson,, Corporal, West,, Corporal, Stanyer,, Corporal, Eley,, Corporal, Owens,, Corporal, Oland,, Corporal, Waterfall,, Corporal, Stanley,, Corporal, Hole,, Corporal, Bowers,, Corporal, Callcut,, Corporal, Shead,, Corporal, Irving,, Corporal, Smith78,, Corporal, Harris,, Corporal, Vincent,, Corporal, Thirtle,, L/Corporal, Rouse,, Corporal, Owen,, L/Corporal, Todd,, L/Corporal, Lovatt,, Corporal, Bordessa,, Corporal, Davies,, Corporal, Tiucker,, Corporal, Barber, J, Corporal, Rose,, Corporal, Phillips,, Corporal, Batty,, Corporal, Hiscock,, Corporal, McIntyre,, Corporal, Wise,, Corporal, Millard,, WO1, Roden, J R, Brigadier, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, HRH, Coxon, G, Lieutenant Colonel, Walker, N J, Captain, Wright,, Corporal, Barnes,, Corporal, Shervington,, Corporal, Heal,, Corporal, Bromilow,, Corporal, Finnegan,, Corporal, Allen,, Corporal, Henwood,, Corporal,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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