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SBYRW : 21702

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A file of papers known as the ?Gold papers? as they are from Lieutenants Cecil, Patrick and Alec Gold, this is a file of typed correspondence to and from the three Gold brothers, all of whom served in the battalion in the Great War. The file is sub divided into three volumes. Volume 1 covers the period 31st May to 27th August 1915, Volume 2 the 1st September to 30th December 1915 and Volume 3 the 5th January to 21st September 1916. This file is fully indexed with names and places and a good resource for anyone making a study of the Battalion during the 1st World War. Cecil Gold was killed in action on the 3rd July 1916. Only the cover and the first page have been scanned and are available here

Person(s): Gold, C, Lieutenant, Gold, P, Lieutenant, Gold, A, Lieutenant,

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 5th [Service] Bn

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