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SBYRW : 19879

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two diaries written by Private 5344566 L Cook, covering his experience in Burma during the 2nd World War. The first notebook contains 7 items, (a) The structure of the British 2nd Division; (b) A brief summary of the Arakan Campaign of 1943; (c) Opening the Kohima-Imphal Road; (d) Account of the Kohima Divisional Memorial; (e) The Road to Mandalay; (f) The battle for Rangoon; (g) 2 poems written during the Battle for Mandalay.The second notebook contains 4 items, (a) an account by Cpl Hurd of a patrol in April 1943; (b) an account by Pte Purslow of the attack by the Japanese on 23 April 1944; (c) an account of a patrol on 1 March 1945 and (d) a copy of a poem to the memory of those who fell in the Battle of Kohima written by an [unnamed] member of the DLI. These items have been transcribed.

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Bn

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