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SBYRW : 18275

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of the 19567 KAPE (Keeping the Army in the Public Eye) team on the square at Devizes with vehicles, under command of Captain Daly; the personnel are Private P J Cuss, Private S P Riddell, Corporal D A Bailey, Corporal D O Morgan, Private K A Heath, L/Corporal T J Hoare, L/Cprporal J C Long, Sergeant M Mortimer, Lieutenant R C Vaughan-Payne, Lieutenant T M A Daly (OC), Sergeant D R Head, L/Corporal I G Backhouse, Private K A Bousfield, L/Corporal M A Devonshire, Private I J Ball, Private Starsmere, L/Corporal M A Browne, Private L W Stretch

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