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1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh’s Royal Regiment - A newspaper article dated 10th March 1971 relating to the actions of Sergeant Potter. Sergeant Potter, 5 Platoon’s sergeant, received a Mention in Dispatches for his work that night; his citation reads, ‘During the late afternoon of 3 July 1970, the Company was deployed to Albert Street, Belfast, where serious rioting was taking place. Sergeant Potter was the platoon sergeant of No. 5 Platoon which had been deployed at the junction of Albert Street and Raglan Street. On the arrival of the platoon, a crowd of about 400 youths pelted them with bottles, stones, ball bearings and marbles fired from catapults, and later with gelignite grenades. Sergeant Potter was wounded in the hand early on in the action and suffered a fractured finger which was also badly cut. In spite of his painful injury, he continually organised and controlledes repeated baton charges by his two leading sections. By his presence and calm bearing, he was able to steady the front rank under a continuous hail of missiles and bring the mission to a successful conclusion. Later in the evening, after he received attention to his wounds, he returned to the platoon and remained with them in the cordon of the Falls area for the rest of the night and the following day. Sgt Potter displayed courage and devotion to duty and contributed greatly to the success of the operations his platoon carried out during the night'. The newspaper cutting includes an image of Sergeant Potter.

Person(s): Potter,, Sergeant,

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment, 1st Bn

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