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SBYRW : 14649

Royal Warkwickshire Regiment - Two receipts for the return of Army clothing handed in by Private Nelson Carrier. One is for a 'Great Coat and the other is for "1 Shirt, 1 pair Pants, 2 pair of Pants"; also included is a document entitled 'Notice to Warrant Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men' listing and detailing Medals and Decorations including the 1914 Bronze Star and the 1914-15 Bronze Star. Private Carrier also served with the Royal Berkshire Regiment and the Oxford and Buckingham Light Infantry but, according to his nephew, he always considered the Royal Berkshire Regiment as "his real home". His nephew therefore wanted Private Carrier's mementos of his service to go to The Royal Berkshire, Gloucester and Wiltshire Museum.

Person(s): Carrier, N A,

Royal Warwickshire Regiment

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