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SBYRW : 10770

5th Bn and 2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Two letters written to the Commanding Officer of the 5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment from Captain C Nugent. The letters are dated the 16th of April 1916 and the 17th of April 1916. The first letter is handwritten and is four pages long, it is a letter of complaint that Captain Nugent has been superceded for the appointment of 2nd in Command of the 5th Battalion by an Officer who is junior in Service and in Rank. The letter mentions Major General E Feltham, Brigadier General G P S Hunt, and Colonel F G Barker. The second letter is a page long and is a letter concerning the promotion of Captain C Nugent.

Person(s): Nugent, C, Feltham, E, Major, General, Hunt, G P S, Brigadier General, Barker, F G, Colonel,

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 5th [Service] Bn

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