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Royal Berkshire Regiment - Several letters addressed to Brigadier W.C.A Hanney. The first letter is dated the 15th of January 1931 informing Hanney of an interview that has taken place by a civilian; the second letter is from a Mohammed Ahim of Khan Bahadur Mohamed Amin J.P.F.B.E.E (of Meerut) who owned a shop that supplied the military, it is dated the 30th of August 1946 and congratulates Hanney on becoming a Brigadier. The third letter, from the Allahabad Club. is dated the 21st of August 1930 and is a response to a letter of complaint; the fourth letter is from the United Service Club, Lucknow, and is dated the 20th of August 1930; it is a letter of complaint concerning attire worn and language used on the golf course along with details of an incident that took place.

Person(s): Hanney, W C A, Captain,

Royal Berkshire Regiment

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