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SBYRW : 10234

1st/4th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A hard backed photograph album kept by Sergeant (later Captain) Charles Notley. He served mainly in the 4th and 1st/4th Battalions. It consists of 48 pages and contains many sepia photographs either taken by, or of Sergeant Notley. He covers the battalions journey to India and activities whilst based in various stations in that country. In 1915 he was selected for a commission and returned to England for officer training after which he was attached to the 2nd/5th Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment on the Western Front where he was wounded. Most of the relevant images have been copied and are separately listed. [We have not copied general views of the countryside unless relevant] . At the end of the album there are several images of a nurse called Miss Winifred M B Friend who was honoured in 1916 with the Royal Red Cross, First class. She trained at Salisbury infirmary for three years ending in 1909 and during the war served in Salonika. We believe she is in some way connected to Sergeant C. Notley. [Her images have not been copied but available to view with arrangement with the museum if required]

Person(s): Notley, C, Sergeant,

Wiltshire Regiment, 1st/4th Bn

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