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SBYRW : 10200

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A hard bound photograph album containing 31 double sided pages. It was owned and kept by Lieutenant Colonel A.W. Timmis who served in both regular Battalions. He was captured during the early days of the 1st World War and remained in captivity throughout the war. He resumed Regimental soldiering after the war eventually commanding the 2nd Battalion in Kamptee, India in the 1920s. The album is very much ?horse? orientated as he was a horseman of some note, both as a jockey and as a Polo player. The photos in this album cover South Africa with the Mounted Infantry, India, and China. It contains a total of 82 black and white and sepia photos (Objects 31645 to 31720) of the MI (Mounted Infantry) Company in South Africa in the period 1910 to 1912, of the Battalion in India in 1909, of soldiers, presumably prisoners-of-war, at Krefeld in 1914 and of the Battalion's tours in Hong Kong and India in the period 1919 to 1926; a lot of the original photos are missing as the album would have held well over 120 photos.

Person(s): Timmis, A W, Lieutenant Colonel,

Wiltshire Regiment, 2nd Bn

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