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SBYRW : 10096

4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - Eight personal documents that once belonged to Private Earnest Winterbourne. The documents include Certificate of Employment during the 1dt World War (not dated), an Army Form concerning the transfer to the Army Reserve (dated the 23rd November 1915), a Special Railway Ticket for a third class single journey from Fovant to Bodmin (dated the 31st January 1919), an original cover (envelope) for certificates and other documents of a soldier on demobilisation transfer to the reserve or discharge, a Pension Form (dated the 13th July 1920), a Notice Paper to be sent to each man who has been attested and transferred to the Army Reserve under the provisions of the Royal Warrant of the 20th October 1915 (dated the 16th April 1916), a blank Short Service Form and an Out of Work Donation Policy booklet (including two dates - the 27th February 1919 and the 3rd March 1920).

Person(s): Winterborne, E, Private,

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 4th Bn [Territorial Army]

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