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SBYRW : 14077

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of The Kenya Regiment No 17 Compulsory Military Training Course from 17th July to 16th December 1961. This photo contains Sergeant Ron Allcock who was seconded there from the Battalion

Person(s): Allcock, Company R; Marsh, L, Private; Viegas, M, Private; Collie, D, Private; Brown, B, Private; Ominda, R, Private; Tongoi, S, Private; Pelham-Mather, A, Private; Roberts, G, Private; Soundy, B, Private; O'Shea, P, L/Corporal; Beautement, C, J/Corporal; Robinson, L, Private; Malan, M, Private; Mkungusi, C, Private; Hall, J, Private; Shelburn, the Earl of, J/Corporal; Scholfield, M, Private; Blackburn, A, Private; Alp, J, Private; Gichenje, F, Private; Luck, J, Private; Pattrick, E, Private; Brent, G, Private; Rowe, R, Private; Asher, G, Private; Lesser, S, Private; Morel, E, Private; Alfonso, M, Private; Mbela, D, Private; Kamae, W, Private; Molloy, M, Private; Atkinson, A, Private; King, J, Private; Dames, J, Private; Robins, D, Private; Spitzer, P, Private; Nightingale, G, J/Corporal; Williamson, A, Private; Pickering, I, Private; Irving-Bell, C, Private; Hancock, J, Private; Bentley, E, Private; Shorter, B, Private; Chawdry, A, Private; Chouhan, G, Private; Johnston, J, Private; Davies, R, Private; Simpson, J, J/Corporal; Hale, C, L/Corporal; Carr-Hartley, R, Private; Walker, C, Private; Syan, M, L/Corporal; Kherloplan, E, Private; Hughes, B, Private; Vesely, M, Private; Hazelden, E, Private; Gregg, R, Private; Bird, D, Private; Glen R, Private; Holland, A, Private; Trimmer, A, Private; Williams, D, Private; Cousin, W, Private; Langman, D, Private; Cottington, R, Private; Englebrecht, J, Private; Edwards, A, Private; Harries, M, J/Sergeant; Beakbane, J, J/Sergeant; Phelps, J, Sergeant; Allcock, R, Sergeant; Patterson, G, J/Sergeant; Stevenson, B, J/Sergeant; Roberts, P, Private; Davies, T, Private; Gledhill, J, Private; Main, N, Private; Washika, C, Private; Aitken, A, Sergeant; Parkinson, J, Sergeant; Spencer, T, Sergeant; Powell, H, Sergeant; Holmes, J, Captain; Smith, G, Sergeant; Douglas, J, Major; Yeo, Company N, Major; Athill, J H, Major; Fury, Colour J, Sergeant; Henderson, M L, Captain; Young, K, Sergeant; Gurney, C J H, Lieutenant; Wheeker, G, Sergeant; Martin P, Sergeant; Newcombe K, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 23212

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of three Officers exercising whilst training in England during the 1st World War in 1914-1915. Shown left to right are Second Lieutenants C A Williamson, W H Bissley, and H C L Keable

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SBYRW : 23219

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A blck and white photograph of a group of Officers in England during the 1st World War in 1914-1915. Shown left to right (top row) an unidentified Officer, Second Lieutenant W H Bissley, (middle row) Major Breakspear, Colonel W C Walton, (bottom row) Second Lieutenant C A Williamson, Captain L H Edwards, and unidentified Officer and Lieutenant D F Stileman

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SBYRW : 25017

8th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of a black and white photograph of the officers of the battalion in England just prior to going to France. This image is named. Photographer; Elliott & Fry, 55 Baker Street, London W

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SBYRW : 29177

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment A black and white photograph of the Colours being saluted from the dignitaries on the saluting base at Krefeld on the 21st December 1949 during the Ferozeshah Parade. Left to right are the General's ADC, Captain Ballantine, Major General Callander, Brigadier Williamson, Brigadier Eathon (in civilian clothes)

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SBYRW : 6413

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photo of a group of soldiers, probably in India around 1903

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