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The side of the memorial where the Wiltshire Regiment's names begin.

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SBYRW : 10039

2nd Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - Five colour photos of a monument in Colesburg cemetery in South Africa which includes the names of nineteen members of the Battalion who died in the Boer War - the date of the photos is unknown; it is also possible that there are soldiers from the 2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment in this cemetery.

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SBYRW : 13634

1st Bn, Wessex Regiment - A colour photo of Support Company's Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants on the occasion of visit by the Commanding Officer, probably at Devizes in Wiltshire, on 18th June 1990 Photographer; Borg Photography, Stoke St Michael, Bath

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SBYRW : 21471

Wiltshire Home Guard - A black and white photograph of a Wiltshire Home Guard unit, taken outside the Red Lion Inn, dated October 1942. The location and people in this photograph were not originally named, but following an appeal on the Museum's website the pub was confirmed in August 2009 as the Red Lion, Castle Eaton, licensee Reginald G King, and the unit as the Blunsdon Platoon. The landlady at the time provided the information given here from a copy of the photograph in the pub which named all those present. All rows read from left to right. Top row:- W. Kemble, E. Walsh, W. Wiltshire, R. Kemble, J. Kemble, J. Cole, H. Mills, P. Mills, W. Stroud. 2nd row:- E. Beazley, I. Wiltshire, F. Mulcock, T. Card, H. Kemble, Mr. Vines, A. Percival, C. Kemble, S. Wilkins, S. Curtis. 3rd row:- B. Card, R. Mulcock, H. Cole, H. Painter, B. Nicholls, Mr. Skinner, E. Adams, A. Drew, J. Jackson, J. Pearce, S. Brunsdon, A. New. Seated Row:- A. Staples, W. Mulcock, G. Wiltshire, T. Adams, T. Green, Major Archer (with trilby hat), S. Maundrell, Mr. King (Licensee), W. Wiltshire, J. Adams, Mr. Groves. Sitting on floor:- P. Stroud, S. Marshall, R. Wiltshire, E. Stroud, Mr. Perry, T. Sandle, C. Agamber, J. Mulcock.

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SBYRW : 32324

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Officers' mess in Wellington Barracks, Halifax, Canada in 1897. In the rear row, left to right, are Lieutenant L.F.A. Barlow, 2nd Lieutenant R.F. Harvey, 2nd Lieutenant T.C. Hincks, Lieutenant E.G. Lees, 2nd Lieutenant A.W.Coxon, 2nd Lieutenant A.C. Ellis. Standing in the 2nd row are Major C. Evans-Gordon, Captain A.S. Cave, Captain H.E. Taylor, Lieutenant G. H. Arthbutnot, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr. J.H. Redstone, Major C.M. Edwards, 2nd Lieutenanr E.J. Neve, Captain A.J.W. Dowell, 2ndLieutenant W.R.E. Annesley, Lieutenant and Adjutant D.B. Maurice. Seated at the front are Lieutenant J.G.R. Walsh, 2nd Lieutenant A.G. Macdonald, Lieutenant W.R.P.K. Betty, Captain J.R. Wigan, Lieutenant Colonel W.A. Collings, Major G.M. Faunce, Lieutenant H.M. Finch, Lieutenant A.S. Turner and Captain R.G. Chase

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SBYRW : 32351

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers in Richmond Barracks, Dublin in 1905, showing, in the rear row from lrft to right, Lieutenant A.J. Fraser, Captain A.S. Turner, Lieutenant and Quartermaster Mr J.H. Redstone, Lieutenant B.G. Bromhead, Lieutenant H.M.L. Hunter, Captain W.R.E. Annersley and Captain E.H. Blunt; in the middle row are Captain A.G. Macdonald, Captain F.J. Gossett, Major A.J.W. Dowell, Lieutenant Colonel W.K. McClintock, Major H.E. Taylor, Captain W.R.P.K. Betty and Captain J.G.R. Walsh. in the front row are 2nd Lieutenant A.H. Perrott, 2nd Lieutenant E.A.B. Orr and Lieutenant G.W. Hopton.

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SBYRW : 32353

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers at Kilbride Camp in County Dublin in 1905 with, left to right standing, Captain C. Pierce, Captain F.J. Gosset, Captain W.R.P.K. Betty, -?-, Captain A.S. Turner, 2nd Lieutenant E.T.W. McCausland, 2nd Lieutenant E.A.B. Orr, Lieutenant G.W. Hopton. Lieutenant H.M.L. Hunter, Lieutenant B.G. Bromhead, 2nd Lieutenant H.T.R. Curtis-Raliegh and Captain J.G.R. Walsh plus, sitting, Captain W.R.E. Annesley, Major H.E. Taylor, Lieutenant Colonel W.K. McClintock, Major A.J.W. Dowell and Captain E.H. Blunt.

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SBYRW : 32685

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of four officers of one of the Battalion's Mounted Infantry sections. In this image are Captain C. Moore, Captain J.G.R. Walsh, Lieutenant J.R. Bassett and Lieutenant W.B. Thornton in South Africa in 1899-1902. (Exact position in photo not known) It is thought that this photo was taken by Lieutenant Hemp in 1901.

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SBYRW : 34612

30th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of ?C? Company at Hamme in Belgium in April 1945. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Henry, Banwick, Johns, Speck, Deakin, Harrison 76, Webster, Jones 63, Bannister, McNiell, Meridith, Dean, Clements, Beroley, Langford, Good, Norris, Mclaren, Sutton, Jones 36, McBride and Tack; in the 2nd row are Privates George, Tanner, Marshall 85, Thorsby, Crocker, Bird 71, Clinton, Ayres, Bird, Pratley, Canning, Moors, Gibling, Grant, Marsh, Brown, Perks, Chandle, Dabourn, Shumar, Reed, Stilton and Harrison 12. In the 3rd row from left to right are Privates Walter, Smith 91, Yaks, Deegar, Rothskin, Butter, Hunt, Allen, Marshall 50, Bullard, Baker, O?Neill, Boyd, Fosker, Kemp, Johnson, Howard, Dibb, Mayhew, Robinson, Bullers, Grainger, Taylor and Collins. In the 4th row from left to right are L/Corporals Barrett, Allport, Atkinson, Bradley and Williams, Privates Foss, Addaway, Bailey, Walsh, Stafford, Boyd, Renney, Kemp, Clarke, Howard, Bland, Mayhew, Hodges, L/Corporal Clary, Corporals Hands, Cook, Haines and Smith. Sitting from left to right are Corporals Smith, Thomas, Taylor, Best, Cardy and Smith, Sergeants Monk, Mitchell, Baxter, CSM Stephens, Captain L. Hardy, Major H P Verey TD, Lieutenant J.P. Haines, CQMS Beckett, Sergeants Haynes, Hunt and Hodges, Corporal Morris, Hands, Stevens and Haines, L/Corporal Parsons and Corporal Smith.

Person(s): Verey, H P, Captain; Henry, , Private; Banwick, , Private; Johns, , Private; Speck, , Private; Deakin, , Private; Harrison, , Private; Webster, , Private; Jones, , Private; Bannister, , Private; McNiell, , Private; Meridith, , Private; Dean, , Private; Clements, , Private; Beroley, , Private; Langford, , Private; Good, , Private; Norris, , Private; McLaren, , Private; Sutton, , Privatee; McBride, , Private; Tack, , Private; George, , Private; Tanner, , Private; Marshall, , Private; Thorsby, , Private; Crocker, , Private; Bird, , Private; Clinton, , Private; Ayres, , Private; Pratley, , Private; Canning, , Private; Moors, , Private; Gibling, , Private; Grant, , Private; Marsh, , Private; Brown, , Private; Perks, , Private; Chandle, , Private; Dabourn, , Private; Shumar, , Private; Reed, , Private; Stilton, , Private; Walter, , Private; Smith, , Private; Yaks, , Private; Deegar, , Private; Rothskin, , Private; Butter, , Private; Hunt, , Private; Allen, , Private; Bullard, , Private; Baker, , Private; O'Neill, , Private; Boyd, , Private; Fosker, , Private; Kemp, , Private; Johnson, , Private; Howard, , Private; Dibb, , Private; Mayhew, , Private; Robinson, , Private; Bullers, , Private; Grainger, , Private; Taylor, , Private; Collins, , Private; Barrett, , L/Corporal; Allport, , L/Corporal; Atkinson, , L/Corporal; Bradley, , L/Corporal; Williams, , L/Corporal; Foss, , Private; Addaway, , Private; Bailey, , Private; Walsh, , Private; Stafford, , Private; Renney, , Private; Clarke, , Private; Bland, , Private; Hodges, , Private; Clary, , L/Corporal; Hands, , Corporal; Cook, , Corporal; Haines, , Corporal; Smith, , Corporal; Thomas, , Corporal; Taylor, , Corporal; Best, , Corporal; Cardy, , Corporal; Monk, , Sergeant; Mitchell, , Sergeant; Baxter, , Sergeant; Stephens, , WO2; Hardy, L , Captain; Verey, H P, Major; Haines, J P, Lieutenant; Beckett, , CQMS; Haynes, , Sergeant; Hunt, , Sergeant; Hodges, , Sergeant; Morris, , Corporal; Stevens, , Corporal; Parsons, , L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 34652

30th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the march past at the disbandment parade at Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes in 1942. On the far right leading the parade is the Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel W.S. Shepherd. The officer taking the salute is General Pakenham Walsh

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SBYRW : 39698

49th Regiment - A black and white photocopy of a painting of Toronto as it appeared in the Autumn of 1803. It was drawn by the Regiment's Surgeon, Edward Walsh.

Person(s): Walsh, E, Surgeon;

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SBYRW : 46554

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of some wives of officers from the battalion on the docks at Singapore, March, 1934 on route to Japan for a trip. (L to R) Jean Sewell, Vi Sewell, Joan Knox, Lilian Walsh and Mrs Keble.

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SBYRW : 46681

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of a group of officers at Talavera Barracks, Aldershot 1896. Rear Row (L to R) Lieutenant Francis Hamilton Moore, Lieutenant (QM) Robert. P. Cloke, Lieutenant Robert Bruce Swinton, Captain Yui (attached), Captain William Brooke Thornton, Lieutenant Reginald E. T. Bray, Captain John Gustavus Russell Walsh, Lieutenant H. Street, (Middle Row L to R) Lieutenant Thomas Edward Carew Hunt, Lieutenant Dunlop, Lieutenant Hunt, Lieutenant Peake, Lieutenant Felix Fordati Ready, Lieutenant McDonnell, Captain Richard Henn Collins, Lieutenant Piers North, (Front Row L to R) Major Francis C. Carter, Captain W. Clegg, Captain Sir J Pasley, -?-, Captain William Kerr McClintock, Major Fredrick W.N. McCracken. [Linked to 6055 - taken from a different angle, names slightly differ]

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SBYRW : 46744

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph collected by Lieutenant Cuthbert Henry Tindall Lucas showing some of the officers at Queenstown, in South Africa during the Boer War, 1899. (Standing Rear L to R) Lieutenant Arthur Ellis Fowke Harris, Captain Reginald E.T. Bray [Maiwand survivor] (Sat centre L to R) Lieutenant Edward H. Blunt, Lieutenant Richard Henn. Collins, Captain William Kerr McClintock, Colonel Evans-Gordon, Captain Finch, (Sat front L to R) Lieutenant John Gustavus Russell Walsh, Lieutenant Piers W North.

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SBYRW : 47318

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of 'C? Company, Dublin. 1906. The officer sat front centre is Major G.H. Walsh.

Person(s): Walsh, G H, Major;

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SBYRW : 50890

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers at Meerut, India, 1911. (rear Row Standing L to R) Lieutenant A.G.F. Issac, Lieutenant A.H. Mankelow, Lieutenant G.W.F. Dawes, Lieutenant [and Quartermaster] Mr H.S. Lickman, 2nd Lieutenant C. Nugent. (Centre Row L to R), 2nd Lieutenant D.A. Macgregor, 2nd Lieutenant A.D. Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant G.G. Hodgson, 2nd Lieutenant L.M. Handley, Lieutenant M.C. Radford, 2nd Lieutenant C.H. Dent. (Sat L to R) Captain A.G.E. Bingley, Major J.G.R. Walsh, Major E. Feetham, Lieutenant Colonel R.N. Gamble DSO, Major G.H. Arbuthnot, Captain and Adjutant A.J. Fraser, Captain O. Steele. [We believe this was at, or about the same time as the battalion took part in the Delhi Durbar.]

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SBYRW : 50899

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of â??Aâ?? Company at Meerut, India, 1911. Sat front Centre is MajorJ.G. R, Walsh.? [We believe this was at, or about the same time as the battalion took part in the Delhi Durbar.]

Person(s): Walsh, J G R, Major;

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