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SBYRW : 7696

7th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the officers at Sutton Veny, Wiltshire, 1915. Some of the officers have been identified) Standing rear left Captain C.H. Sawmill, Standing far left Lieutenant A.C. Longhand, standing 6th left Major H. Waylen, standing 7th left Lieutenant Taylor, standing 10th left Lieutenant Mackie, standing 12th left Lieutenant Plowman, standing 14th left Lieutenant Stoodley, Sat (L to R) Lieutenant J.H.Goldie, Captain Osborn,Colonel W.L.Rocke,Major M.J. de Bathe, Captain Whittle, Captain Holmes Wright, Captain Hughes, Captain Fairchild, Lieutenant W.A. Dixon, Sat front L to R) Lieutenant A.N. Tucker, Captain W.W. Burton, Lieutenant F.H. Knott. [An overlay identifying these officers is contained within 3858]

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SBYRW : 7701

7th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia group photo of 'A' Company in February 1915. (Exact location not known), but in the front row (L to R) CSM Hand, Lieutenant Allan, Lieutenant Stoodley, Lieutenant Longland, Lieutenant Hannam, Captain Waylen, Colonel Rooke, Captain Hughes, Lieutenant Vasher, Lieutenant Barkham, Lieutenant Guilleband. Photographer; Hunt J.J., Marlborough

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SBYRW : 7795

Training Centre and Depot Wessex Brigade - A black and white photo of the Permanent Staff at Bulford in 1947

Person(s): Sturmey, Company Quarter Master A, Sergeant; Hill, F, Sergeant; Brown, Company Quarter Master, Sergeant; Starkey, H, Sergeant; King, W, Sergeant; Stoodley, H, Sergeant; Frampton, A, Sergeant; Clark, F, Sergeant; McNair, D, Sergeant; Wilkins, G, Sergeant; Foot, H, Sergeant; Rowe, R, Sergeant; Lloyd, T, Sergeant; Vaughan, R, Sergeant; Coleman, J, Sergeant; Ball, E, Sergeant; Adlam, W, Sergeant; Long, E, Sergeant; Lang, K, Sergeant; Young, Company Quarter Master E, Sergeant; Moody, G, Sergeant; Seary, Instructor C, Sergeant; Worrall, Instructor E, Sergeant; Wood, C, Sergeant; Merrick, I, Sergeant; Symons, G, Sergeant; Farrelly, J, Sergeant; Thomas, R, Sergeant; Elvin, F, Sergeant; Reading, Company Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Siegel, C, Sergeant; Wiltshire, R, Sergeant; Mahy, Company Quarter Master F, Sergeant; Wiggle, R, Sergeant; Johnson, E, Sergeant; Proctor, J, Sergeant; Niblett, E, Sergeant; Bird, P, Sergeant; Donoghur, F, Sergeant; Langley, Company Quarter Master R, Sergeant; Daines, Company Quarter Master G, Sergeant; Nance, V, Sergeant; Leache, J, Sergeant; Owen, J, Sergeant; Kearney, C, Sergeant; Brown, H, Sergeant; Lewis, D, Sergeant; Belsham, A, Sergeant; McCarthy, J, Sergeant; Barnard, B, Sergeant; Twigg, B, Sergeant; Bishop, D, Sergeant; Green, E, Sergeant; Bristow, W, Sergeant; Langham, J, Sergeant; Farndon, E, Sergeant; Richards, K, Sergeant; Ryder, M, Sergeant; Fields, Company A, Major; Bransom, Company MajorIM W, Sergeant; McNally, Quarter Master Instructor J, Sergeant; Williams, Company J, Major; Bevan, Company E, Major; Whitewick, Company E, Major; Vallas, WO 1 F; Bird, H L W, Colonel; Hobbs, Regimental J, Major; Munden, R C, Major; Keen, Regeimental Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Duffin, Company W, Major; Shipway, J, ORQMS; Randall, Company J, Major; Stephenson, Company W, Major; Pearcey, Company J, Major; Shord, Company D, Major;

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