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SBYRW : 20352

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Sydling St Nicholas Ranges, Dorset, in 1957 showing Lieutenant Shaw STEWART, winner of the Stephens cup, receiving his prize from Major General SIXSMITH, the Divisional Commander

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SBYRW : 20360

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Sydling St Nicholas ranges in Dorset in 1957 showing the line up for the shoot, Lieutenant Colonel METCALF, Lieutenant SMALLBONE, Lieutenant STEWART and Corporal RENNIE ???

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SBYRW : 20401

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Buckingham Palace of the Battalion's 1966 winning team for the Duke of Edinburgh's Trophy; the team consisted of (Front row) Private CHILTON, Captain SHAW STEWART, Captain LONG (With the Trophy), the Duke of Edinburgh, Lieutenant Colonel SELLERS, Major FRAZER, Company Sergeant Major BAYNHAM, (Middle Row) Sergeant John BYLES, two unidentified members, G BECKINSDALE, Corporal ALLEN, OVERTON (Back Row) Corporal R BISHOP, an unidentified member, B CHAPLIN, Sergeant DAY, WILSON, Corporal TILLY, Sergeant Bags WALLIS and WO2 Harry BECKMANM

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SBYRW : 20460

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of the Royal Berkshire Regiment detachment for the Queens Review of the Territorial Army in Hyde Park in 1958. The photo was actually taken at Plasterdown camp and shows Major WILLING (i/c Party), Captain PAXTON, Captain Shaw STEWART, Company Sergeant Major WHITEWICK, Sergeant CLARKE, Sergeant MAY BEM, L/Corporal DAY, Colour Sergeant RIXON, Company Sergeant Major BISHOP, Company Sergeant Major READER, Company Sergeant Major BAYNHAM, Corporal WINCHCOMBE, Corporal COURTNEY and Sergeant COOK.

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SBYRW : 20467

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Bisley in 1960 showing the Battalion Shooting team (Back row Left to Right) Corporal OWEN, Sergeant SIMMONDS, Corporal STAIG, Private (?), Lieutenant HOBDAY, Sergeant ROCKALL, Sergeant BECKLEY, Colour Sergeant RIXON, Corporal HEWDICK. (2nd Row L to R) WO2 READER, Corporal ROSE, Lieutenant CHANGER, Lieutenant THOMPSON, Captain STEWART, Lieutenant BAILEY, Lieutenant SMALLBONE, WO2 BAYNHAM, Sergeant WALLIS,. (Front row sitting L to R) Private (?) Private (?) and Sergeant RACKS (RAPC)

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SBYRW : 20468

4th/6th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo taken at Bisley in 1959 showing (Back row Left to Right) Corporal STAIG (D Company), Sergeant BECKLEY (S Company), Private LONGBOTTOM (B Company) Captain WINTER (B Company), Lieutenant HOBDAY (HQ Company), Lieutenant BAILEY (D Company), Lieutenant SMALLBONE (HQ Company). (Centre row Left to Right ) Colour Sergeant RIXON (HQ Company), Corporal HEWDICK (D Company), Sergeant SIMMONDS (B Company) Captain STEWART (WTO), Private WERSTLAKE (B Company), Lieutenant CHALLENOR (B Company), Captain WALKER (C Company) (Front row with Light Machine Guns) Corporal BULL (D Company) Company Sergeant Major READER (D Company), Company Sergeant Major BAYNHAM (HQ Company) and Sergeant WALLIS

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SBYRW : 23187

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A photocopy of a black and white photograph of some of "B" Company, after the Battle for Kin-U which took place between 6th - 8th January 1945 in Burma, displaying their spoils of war. Shown in the photograph are Major John Hill, Sergeants Godley and Wynne, Corporal Stone, Lance Corporal Robinson, Privates Stacey, Stewart, Tuffs, Moore, Fabray, Watts and Holbrook

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SBYRW : 25005

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of ?A? Company in Londonderry, where they were stationed from July to November 1979. This photograph is named.

Person(s): Kew,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, Private; Clay,, Private; Pigdott,, Private; Wigley,, Private; Cook,, Private; Weaving,, Private; Hall,, L/Corporal; Parrett,, Private; Broadbent,, Private; Thrasher,, Private; Langdon,, Private; Dyer,, Private; Mallamdain,, Private; Hudd,, Private; Stone,, Private; Mellam,, Private; Bradley,, Private; Salisbury,, Private; Guy,, Private; Cable,, Private; Balmer,, Private; Jackson,, Private; Morag,, Private; Missen, Private; Dodd,, Private; Walkington,, Private; Pullman,, Private; Willcox,, Private; Hopgoog,, Private; Cowel,, Private; Kuryszko,, Private; Telfer,, Private; Burgess 31,, Private; Kordowski,, Private; Warren,, Private; Roberts,, Private; Prosser,, Private; Hutchins,, Private; Proctor,, Private; Keen,, Private; Walter,, Private; Ditchburn,, Private; Murtagh,, Private; Farley,, Private; Speck,, Private; McCauley,, Private; McLaughlan,, Private; Hewer,, Private; Summer,, Private; Maddison,, Private; Grocock,, Private; Garner,, Private; Beeby,, Private; Powell,, Private; Petherick,, Private; Baker,, Private; Stewart,, Private; Tucker,, Private; Maxwell,, Private; Watchorn,, Private; Kruse,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Frith,, Craftsman; Roller,, Private; Goldsmith,, Private; Barton,, Private; Richards,, Private; Burgess 67,, Private; Worledge,, Private; Hatt,, Private; Harriss,, Private; Sutton,, Private; Minns,, Private; Hillier,, Private; Essery,, L/Corporal; Thompson,, Private; Devlin,, Private; Parker,, Private; Sobers,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Evans,, L/Corporal; Bawden,, L/Corporal; Shinnick,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Caves,, L/Corporal; Alden,, L/Corporal; Holmes,, L/Corporal; Ferry,, L/Corporal; Perry,, L/Corporal; Dennison,, L/Corporal; Smith,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Lewis,, L/Corporal; Snee,, L/Corporal; Annear,, L/Corporal; Samson,, Sergeant; McIntryre,, Sergeant; Gardner,, Sergeant; Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant; Haugh,, 2nd Lieutenant; Franklin,, Captain; Saunders,, major; Wiggins,, WO2; Durant,, Captain; King,, 2nd Lieutenant; Carr,, 2nd Lieutenant; Morgan,, Colour Sergeant; Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant; White,, Sergeant; Dobson,, Corporal; House,, Corporal; Hedwood,, Corporal; Trappe,, Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Goddart,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Hignett,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Bush,, Corporal; Tait,, Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Lovelock,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 25528

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Corporals Mess at Tidworth in 1962. This photograph was taken at a time when the British Army was changing over from the Battledress to the new No2 Dress. This photo is named.

Person(s): Gascoigne,, Corporal; Adams,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Church,, L/Corporal; Dixon,, L/Corporal; Milton,, Corporal; Pearced,, Corporal; Shears,, L/Corporal; Ogbourne,, L/Corporal; Hodgson,, L/Corporal; Judd,, L/Corporal; Benham,, L/Corporal; Walford,, L/Corporal; Brown,, Corporal; Thrush,, Corporal; Boucher,, L/Corporal; Isaacs,, L/Corporal; Hubbard,, Corporal; Overthrow,, L/Corporal; Sparks,, L/Corporal; Kemish,, Corporal; Temple,, L/Corporal; Hughes,, L/Corporal; Freelove,, Corporal; Collins,, L/Corporal; Slater,, Corporal; Acreman,, Corporal; Evans,, Corporal; Willoughby,, Corporal; Guppy,, Corporal; Martin,, Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Higgins,, Corporal; Wright,, Corporal; Snoek,, Corporal; Mure,, Corporal; Hennis,, L/ Corporal; Horward,, L/Corporal; Gigg,, Corporal; Pavey,, Corporal; Smart,, Corporal; Millasrd,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Berrett,, L/Corporal; Richards,, L/Corporal; Green,, L/Corporal; Swift,, L/Corporal; Watton,, L/Corporal; Marrack,, L/Corporal; Lambell,, L/Corporal; Hawkes,, L/Corporal; Morris,, Corporal; Loady,, L/Corporal; Franklin,, L/Corporal; Bilby,, L/Corporal; Lee,, L/Corporal; Cole,, Corporal; Wray Bliss,, L/Corporal; Seaward,, Corporal; Best,, L/Corporal; Dimmer, L/Corporal; Tredwell,, Corporal; Mills,, Corporal; Burke,, L/Corporal; Burgess,, Corporal; Barlow,, L/Corporal; Haggerty,, L/Corporal; Williams,, Corporal; Brewerton,, L/Corporal; Haynes,, L/Corporal; Sawyer,, L/Corporal; Hewitt,, L/Corporal; Hall,, L/Corporal; Moore,, Corporal; Warden,, Corporal; Blake,, L/Corporal; Gane,, Corporal; Smith,, Corporal; Stewart,, L/Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Hayden,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Holding,, Corporal; Cross,, Corporal; Sheridan,, Corporal; Smith,, Corporal; Thomas,, L/Corporal; Jolley,, L/Corporal; Thomas,, Corporal; Maddington,, Corporal; Bunsell,, Corporal; Wright,, Corporal; Arnold,, Corporal; Cooper,, Corporal; Robertson,, Corporal; Lea-Cox, C B, Captain; Ballantine, D H, Lieutenant Colonel; Hodsges, L E, WO1; Pennell,, Corporal; Povery,, Corporal; Hadley,, Corporal; Hyde,, Corporal; Tipple,, Corporal; White,, Corporal; Roussel,, Corporal; Boland,, Corporal; Hughes,, L/Corporal; Townsend,, Corporal; Codling,, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 26302

99th Regiment - A sepia portrait photograph of Assistant Surgeon William Kipper Stewart MD. He served in the Regiment from 1860 to 1862 Photographer: A C Rowe, Stirling, Scotland

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SBYRW : 26338

99th Regiment - The Regiment was stationed in Cape Town from 1865 to 1869. During that time it was responsible for providing the garrison on the island of St Helena in the Atlantic. ?F? ?G?, ?H? and ?I? companies arrived there on 19 May 1867. Here we see the nine officers who went with those companies, Major Ely, Captains Gray, Day and Stewart, Ensigns Kennedy, Cooch, Blaxland, Banfather and Macklin. These officers are wearing 'diced bands' around their caps, authorised only two months earlier to signify their designation as a Lowland Regiment. This photograph appears on page 15 of The Wiltshire Regiment 1756-1914

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SBYRW : 28672

66th Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers and Colours of the 66th taken in 1879. This is the only known photograph of the Regiment?s Colours that were lost the following year in the battle of Maiwand. Officers identified are rear row (Left to Right) Captain Cullen, -?-, Captain McMath, Lieutenant Pigott, -?-, (Colours), Lieutenant Beresford-Pierce, Lieutenant Stevenson, Lieutenant Roberts, Captain Oliver, 2nd Row, Paymaster Bryon, Lieutenant Colonel Galbraith, Captain Stewart, Captain Saunders, Lieutenant Price. 3rd row sat Captain Wood, Captain Garratt, Captain Murphy, Captain Soady, Lieutenant Jones (QM), Major Hogge, Captain Ready, Callaghan, -?-. Front row sat (between 1st & 2nd row) Lieutenant Smallpiece Lieutenant Hassard, Lieutenant Barclay, -?-, -?-, -?-, -? - , Captain Harris, -?-, -?-, -?-.

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SBYRW : 30204

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - A colour photograph of the Christmas day celebrations at Kiseljak, during Operation Grapple which took place between September 1994 and March 1995. This image shows Corporal Greenaway, L/Corporal Cowie, Corporal Cockinson, Private Marfleet, L/Corporal Stewart and Corporal Davidson.

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SBYRW : 32257

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the officers at Athlone, Ireland, in 1886. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Captain Bray, Colonel Ready, Lieutenant A.L.T. D?Eyncourt, in the 2nd Row, Lieutenant W. Clegg, Lieutenant Theobald, Captain Faunce, Lieutenant Inglis, Captain W.K. McClintock, Colonel Stewart, Lieutenant Deare, Lieutenant Mauger, Lieutenant Owen, in the front left - sitting Major Pierse, Major Mackinnon, and in the front right - sitting) Captain and Adjutant F.H. Burney and Lieutenant Richards.

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SBYRW : 35071

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour digital group image of ?A? Company which served in Crossmaglen, South Armagh from June to October 1983. Present in this photo are the following soldiers but the exact position is not certain. (Company Headquarters) Major D. J. A. Stone, Captains Haugh and Fordham, WO2 Fedrick, Colour Sergeant Trench, Sergeants Decarteret, Meskiri, Cridland and Tuckwell, Corporals Hope Reeve and Luke, L/Corporals Latham, Petherick, Garner, Roberts, Grocock, Edgar, Tonks, Smith 15, Maxwell, Edwards, Fisher, Simpson and Barter, Privates Kerr, Newton, Humphries, Godfrey, McGauley, Jacobs 65, Parrett, Shepherd, Speck, Salmon, Brown 09, Gardyne, Cutting, Fulton, Prossor, Barker and L/Bombardier Franks (RA Attached). From 1 Platoon are Lieutenant Higgs, Sergeant Moloney, Corporal McIntyre, L/Corporals Lerpiniere, Spence, Murtagh and Griffith and Privates Noonan, Mann, Gabriel, Pullen, Holmes, Cocker, Gollop, Brown 68, Burford, Whitehurst, Gibbins, Sims, Real, Amas, Roberts, Leeson, Boxall, Domjan, and Hassett. From 2 Platoon are Captain Smith, 2nd Lieutenant Dennis, Sergeant Curtin, Corporals Evans, Parks and Stanley, L/Corporals Hariss, Moyes, Hopgood, Mellam and Privates Curtis, Mee, Bowler, Crew, Parsons, McCafferty, Hudd, Powell 27, Excel, Harris, Murphy, Hingston, McDonald, Monger, Smith 29, West , Turner and Shepherd. From 3 Platoon are Lieutenant Chedham, Sergeant Coyle, Corporals Alle, Proberts and Davies, L/Corporal s Traveller, Kordowski, Weaving and Pocock and Privates Melvin, Powell 08, Vaughan, Panting, Hardy, Corns, Corns, Coupland, McCauley, Clerke, Smith 02, Reason, Reggler, Smith 21, Lanfear, Imerson, Keel and Wilson. From the Anti Tank Platoon are Captain Rylands, Sergeant Nimmo, Corporals Mallinson, Shead, Hall and Kirkland, L/Corporals Carey, Crowley and Goldsmith and Privates Gunning, Harriss, Wood, Hawkes, Richards, Hambridge, Ledgister, McKissick, Oldham, Dyer, Bailey, Rowlands, Jacobs 90, Langdon, Stewart, Humphreys, Attwood and Noden.

Person(s): Stone, D J A, Major; Haugh, , Captain; Fordham, , Captain; Fedrick, D, WO1; Trench, , C/Sergeant; Decarteret, , Sergeant; Meskiri, , Sergeant; Cridland, , Sergeant; Tuckwell, , Sergeant; Hope, , Corporal; Reeve, , Corporal; Luke, , Corporal; Latham, , L/Corporal; Petherick, , L/Corporal; Garner, , L/Corporal; Roberts, , L/Corporal; Grocock, , L/Corporal; Edgar, , L/Corporal; Tonks, , L/Corporal; Smith, , L/Corporal; Maxwell, , L/Corporal; Edwards, , L/Corporal; Fisher, , L/Corporal; Simpson, , L/Corporal; Barter, , L/Corporal; Kerr, , Private; Newton, , Private; Humphries, , Private; Godfrey, , Private; McCauley, , Private; Jacobs, , Private; Parrett, , Private; Shepherd, , Private; Speck, P, Private; Salmon, , Private; Brown, , Private; Gardyne, , Private; Cutting, , Private; Fulton, , Private; Prossor, , Private; Barker, , Private; Franks, , L/Bombadier; Higgs, , Lieutenant; Moloney, D, Sergeant; McIntyre, A, Corporal; Lerpiniere, , L/Corporal; Spence, , L/Corporal; Murtagh, , L/Corporal; Griffith, A, L/Corporal; Noonan, , Private; Mann, , Private; Gabriel, , Private; Pullen, , Private; Holmes, , Private; Cocker, , Private; Gollop, , Private; Burford, , Private; Whitehurst, , Private; Gibbins, , Private; Sims, , Private; Real, , Private; Amas, , Private; Roberts, , Private; Leeson, , Private; Boxall, , Private; Domjan, , Private; Hassett, , Private; Smith, , Captain; Dennis, , 2nd Lieutenant; Curtin, J, Sergeant; Evans, , Corporal; Parks, , Corporal; Stanley, B, Corporal; Harris, , L/Corporal; Moyes, , L/Corporal; Hopgood, , L/Corporal; Mellam, , L/Corporal; Curtis, , Private; Mee, , Private; Bowler, , Private; Crew, , Private; Parsons, , Private; McCafferty, , Private; Hudd, , Private; Powell, , Private; Excel, , Private; Harris, , Private; Murphy, , Private; Hingston, , Private; McDonald, , Private; Monger, , Private; Smith, , Private; West, , Private; Turner, , Private; Chedham, , Lieutenant; Coyle, , Sergeant; Alle, , Corporal; Proberts, , Corporal; Davies, , Corporal; Traveller, , L/Corporal; Kordowski, , L/Corporal; Weaving, , L/Corporal; Pocock, S, L/Corporal; Melvin, , Private; Vaughan, , Private; Pantin, , Private; Hardy, , Private; Corns, S, Private; Corns, , Private; Coupland, , Private; Clerke, , Private; Reason, , Private; Reggler, , Private; Lanfear, , Private; Imerson, , Private; Keel, , Private; Wilson, , Private; Rylands, , Captain; Nimmo, S, Sergeant; Mallinson, , Corporal; Shead, , Corporal; Hall, , Corporal; Kirkland, , Corporal; Carey, , L/Corporal; Crowley, , L/Corporal; Goldsmith, , L/Corporal; Gunning, , Private; Harris, , Private; Wood, , Private; Hawkes, , Private; Richards, , Private; Hambridge, , Private; Ledgister, , Private; McKissick, , Private; Oldham, , Private; Dyer, , Private; Bailey, , Private; Rowlands, , Private; Langdon, , Private; Stewart, , Private; Humphreys, , Private; Attwood, , Private; Noden, , Private;

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