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SBYRW : 14077

Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of The Kenya Regiment No 17 Compulsory Military Training Course from 17th July to 16th December 1961. This photo contains Sergeant Ron Allcock who was seconded there from the Battalion

Person(s): Allcock, Company R; Marsh, L, Private; Viegas, M, Private; Collie, D, Private; Brown, B, Private; Ominda, R, Private; Tongoi, S, Private; Pelham-Mather, A, Private; Roberts, G, Private; Soundy, B, Private; O'Shea, P, L/Corporal; Beautement, C, J/Corporal; Robinson, L, Private; Malan, M, Private; Mkungusi, C, Private; Hall, J, Private; Shelburn, the Earl of, J/Corporal; Scholfield, M, Private; Blackburn, A, Private; Alp, J, Private; Gichenje, F, Private; Luck, J, Private; Pattrick, E, Private; Brent, G, Private; Rowe, R, Private; Asher, G, Private; Lesser, S, Private; Morel, E, Private; Alfonso, M, Private; Mbela, D, Private; Kamae, W, Private; Molloy, M, Private; Atkinson, A, Private; King, J, Private; Dames, J, Private; Robins, D, Private; Spitzer, P, Private; Nightingale, G, J/Corporal; Williamson, A, Private; Pickering, I, Private; Irving-Bell, C, Private; Hancock, J, Private; Bentley, E, Private; Shorter, B, Private; Chawdry, A, Private; Chouhan, G, Private; Johnston, J, Private; Davies, R, Private; Simpson, J, J/Corporal; Hale, C, L/Corporal; Carr-Hartley, R, Private; Walker, C, Private; Syan, M, L/Corporal; Kherloplan, E, Private; Hughes, B, Private; Vesely, M, Private; Hazelden, E, Private; Gregg, R, Private; Bird, D, Private; Glen R, Private; Holland, A, Private; Trimmer, A, Private; Williams, D, Private; Cousin, W, Private; Langman, D, Private; Cottington, R, Private; Englebrecht, J, Private; Edwards, A, Private; Harries, M, J/Sergeant; Beakbane, J, J/Sergeant; Phelps, J, Sergeant; Allcock, R, Sergeant; Patterson, G, J/Sergeant; Stevenson, B, J/Sergeant; Roberts, P, Private; Davies, T, Private; Gledhill, J, Private; Main, N, Private; Washika, C, Private; Aitken, A, Sergeant; Parkinson, J, Sergeant; Spencer, T, Sergeant; Powell, H, Sergeant; Holmes, J, Captain; Smith, G, Sergeant; Douglas, J, Major; Yeo, Company N, Major; Athill, J H, Major; Fury, Colour J, Sergeant; Henderson, M L, Captain; Young, K, Sergeant; Gurney, C J H, Lieutenant; Wheeker, G, Sergeant; Martin P, Sergeant; Newcombe K, Sergeant;

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SBYRW : 37672

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of four officers from the Battalion in Singapore waiting to see the troopship HMT Neurla off in 1933; they are, from left to right, 2nd Lieutenant P.G.W. Sutton, Lieutenant C.R.A.Scholfield, 2nd Lieutenant G. Wort and Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick.

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SBYRW : 37676

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the Battalion rugby team (on the left of photo in darker shirts) with their opponents Selangor on the 25th November 1933 before losing 0-14 during the first regimental rugby tour of Singapore. In the rear row 2nd left is Private Rogers, 4th from the left is 2nd Lieutenant J.L.R. Huelin, seated 2nd row from rear, from left to right are CQMS Godswell, Bandsman Best, L/Corporal Marsh, Lieutenant C.R.A. Scholfield, seated 3rd row from rear are Drummer Taylor, L/Corporal Nicholson, L/Corporal Broad and 2nd Lieutenant G. Wort. In the front row are L/Corporal Bennett, Private Bancroft, Corporal Gilbey, L/Corporal Lowe, Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick, 2nd Lieutenant O.F. Newton-Dunn (team Captain). The Battalion team had earlier played Perak and won 6-3.

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