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SBYRW : 24973

1st Bn, Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph showing Private James Ryder. He joined the Regiment in 1881 aged 19, coming from Lambourn, Berkshire after serving in the Royal Berkshire Militia for eight months. He joined the 1st Battalion in Gibraltar in 1883, going with them to Egypt the following year. He went to Suakin on the 30 January 1885. On 12 March 1885 during the night attack on the encampment at Suakin, Pte Ryder was wounded. He received either a sword or spear wound to his left wrist which opened the wrist joint and left it permanently damaged. At the same time, a second wound to the left side of his face knocked out two teeth and left a three inch long scar. He remained in hospital for 22 days before embarking for England on the Iberia. On arrival he was admitted to the Netley Military Hospital, Hampshire, and stayed there until 14 July 1885 when he was discharged as 'medically unfit for further service'. He is photographed here at Netley wearing the ill-fitting and unloved hospital uniform. This was mid-blue in colour with white facings and a red tie. Unbelievably it was still in use in the early 1960?s.

Person(s): Ryder, J, Private;

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SBYRW : 7795

Training Centre and Depot Wessex Brigade - A black and white photo of the Permanent Staff at Bulford in 1947

Person(s): Sturmey, Company Quarter Master A, Sergeant; Hill, F, Sergeant; Brown, Company Quarter Master, Sergeant; Starkey, H, Sergeant; King, W, Sergeant; Stoodley, H, Sergeant; Frampton, A, Sergeant; Clark, F, Sergeant; McNair, D, Sergeant; Wilkins, G, Sergeant; Foot, H, Sergeant; Rowe, R, Sergeant; Lloyd, T, Sergeant; Vaughan, R, Sergeant; Coleman, J, Sergeant; Ball, E, Sergeant; Adlam, W, Sergeant; Long, E, Sergeant; Lang, K, Sergeant; Young, Company Quarter Master E, Sergeant; Moody, G, Sergeant; Seary, Instructor C, Sergeant; Worrall, Instructor E, Sergeant; Wood, C, Sergeant; Merrick, I, Sergeant; Symons, G, Sergeant; Farrelly, J, Sergeant; Thomas, R, Sergeant; Elvin, F, Sergeant; Reading, Company Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Siegel, C, Sergeant; Wiltshire, R, Sergeant; Mahy, Company Quarter Master F, Sergeant; Wiggle, R, Sergeant; Johnson, E, Sergeant; Proctor, J, Sergeant; Niblett, E, Sergeant; Bird, P, Sergeant; Donoghur, F, Sergeant; Langley, Company Quarter Master R, Sergeant; Daines, Company Quarter Master G, Sergeant; Nance, V, Sergeant; Leache, J, Sergeant; Owen, J, Sergeant; Kearney, C, Sergeant; Brown, H, Sergeant; Lewis, D, Sergeant; Belsham, A, Sergeant; McCarthy, J, Sergeant; Barnard, B, Sergeant; Twigg, B, Sergeant; Bishop, D, Sergeant; Green, E, Sergeant; Bristow, W, Sergeant; Langham, J, Sergeant; Farndon, E, Sergeant; Richards, K, Sergeant; Ryder, M, Sergeant; Fields, Company A, Major; Bransom, Company MajorIM W, Sergeant; McNally, Quarter Master Instructor J, Sergeant; Williams, Company J, Major; Bevan, Company E, Major; Whitewick, Company E, Major; Vallas, WO 1 F; Bird, H L W, Colonel; Hobbs, Regimental J, Major; Munden, R C, Major; Keen, Regeimental Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Duffin, Company W, Major; Shipway, J, ORQMS; Randall, Company J, Major; Stephenson, Company W, Major; Pearcey, Company J, Major; Shord, Company D, Major;

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