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The officers in Minden, West Germany, believed about 1968

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SBYRW : 42391

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of the officers in Minden, West Germany, believed to have been taken about 1968. It shows in the rear row from left to rightLieutenant D Hardwick (Glosters), Lieutentant A Briard,Lieutenant D Stone, Lieutenant R Harison (R Signals) Lieutenant B Hodges, Captain E Churcher (R Hamps), Lieutenant G Mawle,Lieutenant Titley, Lieutenant Morris (R Hamps), Lieutenant M Seeley, Second Lieutenant M Cornwell. (Middle row L to R) (1st) Lieutennat N West, Captain D Newton, Captain (QM) D Mortimer. Captain C Hoatson (REME), Captain T M Daly, Captain J Lillies (D and D), Captain M Smith-Rewse (Glosters), Captain D Foster, Captain I Nelson (RAPC), Captain P Dennison, Captain J Barrow, Lieutenant R Vaughan-Payne. (Sat L to R) Major (QM) J Price, Major Rose, Major H Canning), Captain J Mermagen (Glosters) Adjutant,Major Graham Second in Command, Lieutenant Colonel T A Gibson Commanding Officer, Major M Van Lessen (R Hamps),Major E Edwards, Major V Ridley, Major Oldfield, Captain C.G. Rendle. [This photograph was presented to the officer?s mess on the occasion of him leaving the battalio

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