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SBYRW : 29347

Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of Private 23869 Albert Killick. On his right lower sleeve he is wearing two overseas chevrons indicating two years overseas service. It is not known in which Battalion he served.

Person(s): Killick, A, Private;

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SBYRW : 29713

7th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the officers outside Shire Hall, Reading in 1915 showing, in the back row, Lieutenants H.D. Mosley, A.E.W. Butler, F.B. Cobden, G.J.H. Walls, H.J.C. Neobard, C.N.C. Field, L.J. Banks, J.L. Killick, Hanney, A.D. Breach, in the third row, Lieutenants V.H. Watney, G.F. Bate, Captain Dodd (Padre), Lieutenants W.G.S. Curpley, R.N. Treadwell, R.A.B. Chancellor, H.E. Fletcher, Captain (QM) G. Casey, Lieutenants H.H. Grundtvig, J. Butler, G.G.C. Piggott, H.A.R. Donkin, P.H. Williams, A.K. Barrett (Medical Officer), in the second row, Lieutenants F. Collins, F.W.C. Baker, J.B. Marks, 2nd/Lieutenant A.N. Other, Lieutenants S.H. Troup, H.C. Elphick, G.H. Hale, E.B. Matthews, S.S. Pike, A. Stuart, Captain W.P. Collins and, in the front row, Lieutenants G.W.R. Bray, G.A. Cunnew, Captains T. Close, R.B. Gillespie, Major C.E. Birch, Lieutenant Colonel R.E.T. Bray, Captain J.M. Eldridge, Captain L. Marton, Captain H.B. Morony, Captain F. Gill, Lieutenant T.V. Booth-Jones.

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SBYRW : 39904

1st Bn. Wiltshire Regiment - A black and White group photograph of 'D' Company in August 1945 in India. It shows, in the rear row from left to right, Privates Evers, Wright, Ogden, Crampton, Faiers and Ketteridge, L/Corporal Ewins, Privates Davis, Rogers, Killick, Quinn, Stacey, Penny., Baker and Gaston. In the 4th row, agan from left to right, are Privates Millard, Ponting, C Glover, Baker, Thompson, Stone, Burrows, Woods, Slade, Winston, Rogers, Downs, Havenhand, Greacy, Tett, and Bowen. In the 3rd Row, from left to right are Privates Bennett, Payne, Burrows, Exell, Lucas, Elson, Mitchell, Brown, Mathews, Ede, Poulton, Williams and Webb, L/Corporal Dyke and L/Corporal Kay. In the 2nd row are Corporal Morgan, L/Corporal Read, Corporal Kemp, Sergeant Uppington, Sergeant Boggis, WO 2 Hibbard, Lieutenant Sievewright, Lieutenant Brown, CQMS Staley, Sergeant Jordan, Sergeant Bailey, Corporal Hillman, L/Corporal Holmes, L/Corporal Munday, L/Corporal Price, Corporal Murphy and Corporal Daniels. In the front row, again left to right, are Privates Pugh, Giller, Starling, Cockran, Fairman, King, Bennett, Wickham, Theobald and Hebden

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SBYRW : 41620

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the signal section who were the winners of the inter-platoon football cup in Egypt in 1930. Standing from left to right are Private Stroud, Private Cremin, Private Nash, L/Corporal Boden, L/Corporal Killard, Private Smith. (Sat L to R) Private Bancroft, Private Broad, Sergeant Goswell, Corporal Powell, Lieutenant R.C. Thompson, Private Ray, L/Corporal Dale.

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