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SBYRW : 13381

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A black and white photo of troops taken with a Super Cat 6 wheeled armoured vehicle somewhere in England in 1992

Person(s): Mead,; Keenan,; McCann,;

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SBYRW : 13838

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the grave marker in Imphal Cemetery in Burma for 2nd L/Corporal D P Keem who was killed 24th April 1944

Person(s): Keen, D P, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 20699

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - A sepia photo in Malta 1963, during the Battalion Boxing Championships, Lofty KEENE (Left) of 'A' Company versus Tony PINNELL of 'C' Company when Tony PINNELL won with a knockout in the 1st round making him the Battalion Champion.

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SBYRW : 25005

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh?s Royal Regiment - A colour photograph of ?A? Company in Londonderry, where they were stationed from July to November 1979. This photograph is named.

Person(s): Kew,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, Private; Clay,, Private; Pigdott,, Private; Wigley,, Private; Cook,, Private; Weaving,, Private; Hall,, L/Corporal; Parrett,, Private; Broadbent,, Private; Thrasher,, Private; Langdon,, Private; Dyer,, Private; Mallamdain,, Private; Hudd,, Private; Stone,, Private; Mellam,, Private; Bradley,, Private; Salisbury,, Private; Guy,, Private; Cable,, Private; Balmer,, Private; Jackson,, Private; Morag,, Private; Missen, Private; Dodd,, Private; Walkington,, Private; Pullman,, Private; Willcox,, Private; Hopgoog,, Private; Cowel,, Private; Kuryszko,, Private; Telfer,, Private; Burgess 31,, Private; Kordowski,, Private; Warren,, Private; Roberts,, Private; Prosser,, Private; Hutchins,, Private; Proctor,, Private; Keen,, Private; Walter,, Private; Ditchburn,, Private; Murtagh,, Private; Farley,, Private; Speck,, Private; McCauley,, Private; McLaughlan,, Private; Hewer,, Private; Summer,, Private; Maddison,, Private; Grocock,, Private; Garner,, Private; Beeby,, Private; Powell,, Private; Petherick,, Private; Baker,, Private; Stewart,, Private; Tucker,, Private; Maxwell,, Private; Watchorn,, Private; Kruse,, L/Corporal; Davey,, L/Corporal; Frith,, Craftsman; Roller,, Private; Goldsmith,, Private; Barton,, Private; Richards,, Private; Burgess 67,, Private; Worledge,, Private; Hatt,, Private; Harriss,, Private; Sutton,, Private; Minns,, Private; Hillier,, Private; Essery,, L/Corporal; Thompson,, Private; Devlin,, Private; Parker,, Private; Sobers,, L/Corporal; McIntyre,, L/Corporal; Johnson,, L/Corporal; Evans,, L/Corporal; Bawden,, L/Corporal; Shinnick,, L/Corporal; Austin,, L/Corporal; Wragg,, L/Corporal; Caves,, L/Corporal; Alden,, L/Corporal; Holmes,, L/Corporal; Ferry,, L/Corporal; Perry,, L/Corporal; Dennison,, L/Corporal; Smith,, L/Corporal; Fisher,, L/Corporal; White,, L/Corporal; Roberts,, L/Corporal; Lewis,, L/Corporal; Snee,, L/Corporal; Annear,, L/Corporal; Samson,, Sergeant; McIntryre,, Sergeant; Gardner,, Sergeant; Merhlich,, Colour Sergeant; Haugh,, 2nd Lieutenant; Franklin,, Captain; Saunders,, major; Wiggins,, WO2; Durant,, Captain; King,, 2nd Lieutenant; Carr,, 2nd Lieutenant; Morgan,, Colour Sergeant; Hiscock,, Colour Sergeant; White,, Sergeant; Dobson,, Corporal; House,, Corporal; Hedwood,, Corporal; Trappe,, Corporal; Herbert,, Corporal; Goddart,, Corporal; Mallinson,, Corporal; Shead,, Corporal; Hignett,, Corporal; Hole,, Corporal; Allen,, Corporal; Bush,, Corporal; Tait,, Corporal; Chapman,, Corporal; Lovelock,, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 27315

5th Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A small black and white portrait photograph of Corporal 5572569 Sidney Keen. He was killed in action on the 22nd July 1944 and is buried in the Bannville-La-Campagne War Cemetery (Grave V1.C.15). He was the son of Edward Alexander Keen and Alice Keen, of Streatham, London.

Person(s): Keen, S, Corporal;

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SBYRW : 33312

1st Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of ?F? Company in Ireland in July 1907. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Halfacre, Pash, Iisley, Parris, Slade, Newman, Wheeler, Berryman, Snell, Vokes, Jeffrie and Pearce, in the 5th row, Privates Fennell, Moss, Chambers, Angell, Warwick, Spiers, Shayler, Hewitt, Price, and Tebby,.in the 4th Row, L/Corporal Dollery, Privates Godding and King, L/Corporal Dean, Private Somerville, L/Corporal Chandler, Privates Cooling, Cox, Tigwell, Hopkins, Andrews and Luker with, in the 3rd row, Corporal Bradish, Privates Stapley, Goodall, Shorter, Timms, Simpson, Ingram, Sheppard, Buckle, Martin, Smith, Heifnam and Burton, in the 2nd row, Drummer Passmore, Drummer Collyer, L/Corporal Crombleholme, Corporal Wise, Sergeant Addicott, Sergeant Woodley, Sergeant Woolridge, Colour Sergeant Field, Captain A.S. Turner, 2nd Lieutenant P.N. Garnett, Sergeant Thame, L/Sergeant Ryan, L/Corporal Miles, Private Dovey, Drummer Green and Drummer Berry and, finally, in the bottom row from left to right, Privates Tubb, Woolmer, Taylor, Clements, L/Corporal Goodall, Drummer Dunstan, L/Corporal Allington, Privates Burchall and Keen.

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SBYRW : 33354

70th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regimnent - A black and white group photograph of one of the platoons of ?A? Company at Halton RAF Camp in December 1940; the following have been identified: 2nd row from the rear ? 4th left, Private Hannes, 7th from the left, Private Les Spraggs, 8th from the left, Private Don Keen. In the 3rd row -3rd from the left is Private Allen and on the far right, Private John Duncan. In the front row from left to right are -?-, Private Dick Brooker from Reading, Corporal Bob Carter from Oxford, Lieutenant Gilliat, Sergeant Jarvis (ex-Leicestershire Regiment), L/Corporal W.J. Duncan and L/Corporal Stan Dormer from Reading.

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SBYRW : 34026

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of L/Corporals Ron Keene from Edmonton, London (on the left) and Ken Spencer (on the right) in Burma in 1946 or 1947.

Person(s): Keene, R, L/Corporal;

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SBYRW : 34027

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of some members of Headquarters Company at Kalaw in Burma in 1946 or 1947. Centre is Captain Cooper (attached from the Royal West Kent?s). On the extreme left is L/Corporal Ken Spencer.

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SBYRW : 34597

30th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the officers at Hamme, Belgium in April 1945. In the rear row, from left to right, are Captain G.B. Adair, Lieutenant R.A. Cuming, Lieutenant W.C.T. Mumford, Lieutenant A.H. Haynes, Captain H. Fletcher, Lieutenant H.M. Burrage, Captain L.W. Hardy, Lieutenant J. Monague, Captain A.J. Howard, Lieutenant G. Willis and Lieutenant P.G. Strange. In the middle row are Captain B.J. Andrews (RACD), Lieutenant E.F. Wright, Lieutenant C.L.N. Knight, Lieutenant C.H. Lazaros, Lieutenant W.G. Grundy, Lieutenant J.P. Haines, Lieutenant C. Young, Captain W.G. Penn, Lieutenant R.E. Jones, Lieutenant B.A.C. Fitzpatrick, Captain B. Savson and Captain A.MM. Phillips (RAMC). Seated, again from left to right, are Captain A,. Greenwood, Captain and Adjutant I.R. Krish, Major H.P. Verey TD, Brigadier E. Luce DSO, TD (Commander 115 Brigade), Major C.D.H. Todd TD, Major J.R. Rock-Keens, Major R,G.B. Stordy, Captain R.H. Blew-Jones, Captain and Quartermaster N. Godson. [In May 1945 they became part of ?T? Force for Western Holland. Their role was to protect installations, factories and stores of scientific interest previously held by the enemy, before they left them unguarded or destroyed.]

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SBYRW : 41089

Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia digital image of Private 5342325 Norton Bernard Keene. On his left lower sleeve is the trade badge ?SP? indicating he was in Support Company. We do not know in which Battalion he served He was born on the 17th April 1916 in Swindon but lived in Reading in Berkshire. He joined the Royal Berkshire Regiment on the 15th March 1940 remaining with them until the 26th August 1944 when he transferred to the Wiltshire's. He served with them from the 27th August 1944 to the 6th May 1946. We believe at some point he may have served in Burma

Person(s): Keene, N B, Private;

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SBYRW : 46054

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white group photograph of the Regimental Staff, January, 1919.(Back row L to R) Sergeant Smith, Sergeant A J Lawson, Sergeant Drummer Dolan. (3rd row L to R) Sergeant Ruffels, CQMS Brooker, A/RSM J Annetts, Bandmaster E A Weaver, Sergeant Keene, Sergeant Stokes. (2nd row L to R) Lieutenant F Lawson MC, Lieutenant O S Francis MC, 2nd Lieutenant F A Strange MC, The Reverend Seccombe. (Front Row L to R) Captain H T Quick MC, Major J N Richardson MC, Lieutenant Colonel A G F Isaac DSO, MC, Captain A A Barrett MC, Captain Kietz (RAMC).

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SBYRW : 7795

Training Centre and Depot Wessex Brigade - A black and white photo of the Permanent Staff at Bulford in 1947

Person(s): Sturmey, Company Quarter Master A, Sergeant; Hill, F, Sergeant; Brown, Company Quarter Master, Sergeant; Starkey, H, Sergeant; King, W, Sergeant; Stoodley, H, Sergeant; Frampton, A, Sergeant; Clark, F, Sergeant; McNair, D, Sergeant; Wilkins, G, Sergeant; Foot, H, Sergeant; Rowe, R, Sergeant; Lloyd, T, Sergeant; Vaughan, R, Sergeant; Coleman, J, Sergeant; Ball, E, Sergeant; Adlam, W, Sergeant; Long, E, Sergeant; Lang, K, Sergeant; Young, Company Quarter Master E, Sergeant; Moody, G, Sergeant; Seary, Instructor C, Sergeant; Worrall, Instructor E, Sergeant; Wood, C, Sergeant; Merrick, I, Sergeant; Symons, G, Sergeant; Farrelly, J, Sergeant; Thomas, R, Sergeant; Elvin, F, Sergeant; Reading, Company Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Siegel, C, Sergeant; Wiltshire, R, Sergeant; Mahy, Company Quarter Master F, Sergeant; Wiggle, R, Sergeant; Johnson, E, Sergeant; Proctor, J, Sergeant; Niblett, E, Sergeant; Bird, P, Sergeant; Donoghur, F, Sergeant; Langley, Company Quarter Master R, Sergeant; Daines, Company Quarter Master G, Sergeant; Nance, V, Sergeant; Leache, J, Sergeant; Owen, J, Sergeant; Kearney, C, Sergeant; Brown, H, Sergeant; Lewis, D, Sergeant; Belsham, A, Sergeant; McCarthy, J, Sergeant; Barnard, B, Sergeant; Twigg, B, Sergeant; Bishop, D, Sergeant; Green, E, Sergeant; Bristow, W, Sergeant; Langham, J, Sergeant; Farndon, E, Sergeant; Richards, K, Sergeant; Ryder, M, Sergeant; Fields, Company A, Major; Bransom, Company MajorIM W, Sergeant; McNally, Quarter Master Instructor J, Sergeant; Williams, Company J, Major; Bevan, Company E, Major; Whitewick, Company E, Major; Vallas, WO 1 F; Bird, H L W, Colonel; Hobbs, Regimental J, Major; Munden, R C, Major; Keen, Regeimental Quarter Master H, Sergeant; Duffin, Company W, Major; Shipway, J, ORQMS; Randall, Company J, Major; Stephenson, Company W, Major; Pearcey, Company J, Major; Shord, Company D, Major;

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SBYRW : 9693

5th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A colour photo of the gravestone of Private Victor John Keen who died on 14th October 1942 and is buried at Goring (St Thomas of Canterbury) Churchyard - the date of the photo is not known

Person(s): Keen, V J, Private;

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