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SBYRW : 11788

49th Regiment - A sepia photo of a group of Officers, probably in Sheffield, England in 1878. L to R] [1] Captain Edward Thompson Dickson, [2 -Sat -?-], [3 - Standing] Lieutenant√?¬† F.B.R.Hemphil[ Died in Malta 1891], [4√?¬† -Standing -?-], [5 - Sat 3rd Left] Quartermaster Samuel Deacon, [6 - sat 4th left] Major William Young, [7 -?-], [8 - Stood 3rd Left] Lieutenant√?¬† Harry Winton Holden, [9 - stood 4th left] 2nd Lieutenant Elmhirst Rhodes [Brother of Cecil Rhodes], [10 - sat front centre] Lieutenant√?¬† Arthur N.√?¬† Burns, [11 - sat 5th left] Captain Alfred George Huyshe [Commanded 1 Berks Regt at Battle of Tofrek], [12 - Stood 5th Left] Captain Edward B. Thornton, [13 - sat 6th left] Lieutenant Thomas Fraser King, [14 - Stood 6th left] Lieutenant√?¬† E.J. Brooke, [15 - Sat from, far right] Captain Henry Tichborne Smith, [16 - sat far right ] Captain William Stevenson. The Regimental digest of service reads√ʬ?¬¶ On 5 Nov 1878, England, Sheffield. Regiment marched here from Aldershot, with a detachment deployed to Tynemouth. Four months later, on 25 March 1879, the Regiment moved to Dover from Sheffield and was joined by the detachment from Tynemouth.

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SBYRW : 14873

1st Bn, Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - A colour group photograph of the Corps of Drums at Alma Barracks, Catterick, 20th July, 1994. (Rear Row L to R) Drummers Vizor, Davies, Morwell-Neave, Cox, Smith 21, Holder, Atkinson, Hill, Skone, Betty, White 39. (Middle row L to R) Drummers Smith 89, Fortuna, Allen-Ross, Wilson, Lusty, Fairley, Smith 83, Williams, Webb, White 88, Rosser. (Sat L to R) L/Corporal Atkinson, L/Corporal Lee, Corporal Rouse, Captain Flavell (Adjutant), Sergeant Tubb (Drum Major), L/Corporal Drew, L/Corporal Ritchens, Drummer Worcester.

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SBYRW : 37693

1st Bn, Wiltshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of the winner?s of the combined services sports held at Tanglin Barracks, Singapore in July 1934. In the rear row are Privates Cowley, Stanley, Morgan, L/Corporal Wheller, Privates Holder Hawkins, Hall, Sergeant Morris, Corporal Clifford, L/Corporal Nutland, Private Fullerton, L/Corporal Fordham, Privates Thompson, Wilkins, L/Corporal Nicholson, Privates Baker, Taylor and Sampson. Seated from left to right are Privates Ward, Long, Truman, Porter, CSM (WO2) Mack MM,, Major R. Evelyn-Smith, Lieutenant Colonel J.H.M. Mee, Captain J.P. Oldfield, Lieutenant N.E.C. Kenrick, Privates Best, Curtis, Lee and L/Corporal Channon. The Battalion came first with 104 points followed by the Royal Artillery on 94 points and the 2/20 Burma Rifles on 74 points. [The Battalion were the winners of the Inter unit cup presented by the Middlesex Regiment and the inter unit cup presented by the Singapore Volunteer Corps for the highest total in the track events]

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SBYRW : 42076

Wiltshire Regiment ? A black and white photograph of Mrs Holder (Left) the widow of the late Private ?Laddie? Holder making a presentation to the retiring secretary of the South African Veterans Branch Mrs D. Dear at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa on the 8th November 1952. [These ladies took over the admin of the branch as the old soldiers died off, most of who had served in the Boer War, and posted to South Africa just prior to the 1st World War]

Person(s): Holder, , Mrs;

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SBYRW : 49822

1st Bn, Duke of Edinburgh√ʬ?¬?s Royal Regiment - A digital black and white photograph of L/Corporal Ken Holder [Right] together with an unidentified RAOC officer, believed to be in Malta, 1962 - 1965.

Person(s): Holder, K, L/Corporal;

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