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SBYRW : 33322

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia photograph of ?A? Company in India believed to have been taken about 1906. It shows, in the top row from left to right, Privates Spooner, Waring, Purdue, Sadler, Townsend, L/Corporal Bellinger, L/Corporal Willoughby, L/Corporal Bradley, Privates Smith, Haunts, Sturgess, Ridge, Stilton, Richardson and Roshier. In the 2nd Row from left to right are Privates Skinner, New, Chandler, Abbott, Trinder, Whatling, Gurney, Gilbert, Morton, Wallis, Morse, Poynter, Molloy, Pratley and L/Corporal Garside. In the 3rd Row from left to right are Private Barnes, L/Corporal Carpenter, Privates Baker, Beasley, Butler, Bristowe, L/Corporal Pearce, L/Corporal Mills, Privates Gilding, Horne, Goddard, Heath, Gee, Hines, Hill and Dobson. In the 4th row from left to right are Privates Dewe, Axton, Arnold, Bowsher, Bowler, Colhoun, White, Holdway, Garrett, L/Corporal Chandler, Privates Lawrence, Bolton, Mills, Lawrence, Lockley, Matthews, Parker and Vicars. In the 5th row from left to right are Privates Robson, Hasmmond, Terry, L/Corporal Woodland, Corporal Tibbles, L/Sergeant Harrowing, Segeant Grey, Colour Sergeant Markham, Lieutenant J. Duberly, Major F.W. Foley DSO, 2nd Lieutenant J.R. Robertson, Sergeant Bloomfield, Sergeant Biggs, L/Sergeant Parker, Corporal Meades, Privates Sedgley, Haynes and Newman. In the front row are Privates Whiting, Perkins, Shave, Drummer McGlinchey, Drummer Greenwood, Boy Shea, Privates Ellis, O?Halloran and Reeves.

Person(s): Spooner, , Private; Waring, , Private; Purdue, , Private; Sadler, , Private; Townsend, , Private; Bellinger, , L/Corporal; Willoughby, , L/Corporal; Bradley, , L/Corporal; Smith, , Private; Haunts, , Private; Sturgess, , Private; Ridge, , Private; Stilton, , Private; Richardson, , Private; Roshier, , Private; Skinner, , Private; New, , Private; Chandler, , Private; Abbott, , Private; Trinder, , Private; Whatling, , Private; Gurney, , Private; Gilbert, , Private; Morton, , Private; Wallis, , Private; Morse, , Private; Poynter, , Private; Molloy, , Private; Pratley, , Private; Garside, , L/Corporal; Barnes, , Private; Carpenter, , L/Corporal; Baker, , Private; Beasley, , Private; Butler, , Private; Bristowe, , Private; Pearce, , L/Corporal; Mills, , L/Corporal; Gilding, , Private; Horne, , Private; Goddard, , Private; Heath, , Private; Gee, , Private; Hines, , Private; Hill, , Private; Dobson, , Private; Dewe, , Private; Axton, , Private; Arnold, , Private; Bowsher, , Private; Bowler, , Private; Colhoun, , Private; White, , Private; Holdway, , Private; Garrett, , Private; Chandler, , L/Corporal; Lawrence, , Private; Bolton, , Private; Mills, , Private; Lockley, , Private; Matthews, , Private; Parker, , Private; Vicars, , Private; Robson, , Private; Hammond, , Private; Terry, , Private; Woodland, , L/Corporal; Tibbles, , Corporal; Harrowing, , L/Sergeant; Grey, , Sergeant; Markham, , Colour Sergeant; Duberly, J, Lieutenant; Foley, F W , Major; Robertson, J R, 2nd Lieutenant; Bloomfield, , Sergeant; Biggs, , Sergeant; Parker, , L/Sergeant; Meades, , Corporal; Sedgley, , Private; Haynes, , Private; Newman, , Private; Whiting, , Private; Perkins, , Private; Shave, , Private; McGlinchey, , Drummer; Greenwood, , Drummer; Shea, , Boy; Ellis, , Private; O'Halloran, , Private; Reeves, , Private;

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SBYRW : 33342

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photograph of the Battalion Tug-of-War, Bayonet fighting, and cross country team?s at the Lahore meeting in February 1907. It shows, in the back row from left to right, Sergeant Gaylor, Private Robinson, Private Whatling, Private Shurvill, Private Ford, Private Smith, Private Freeman Private Chivers, Private Williams, -?-, Private Dipper, -?-. -?-, Private Hill, Private Haunts, -?-,and Sergeant Hanks. In the 2nd row from left tp right are -?-, -?-, -?-, Private Gosling, Sergeant Bloomfield DCM, Private Milsom, Private Patston and -?-. In the 3rd row from left to right are Private Packham, Private Butcher, Private Perkins, -?-, -?-, Private Smith, Private Matthews and L/Corporal Williams. In the bottom row from left to right are Private Somerfield, Private Hine, -?-, L/Corporal Banning, Private Osgood, -?-.and -?-.

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SBYRW : 33938

1st/4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A sepia group photograph of the officers at Chelmsford, in March 1915 just before the Battalion left for the front. It shows, in the back row, from left to right, 2nd Lieutenant F.R.K. Hine, 2nd Lieutenant J.H. Goolden, Lieutenant S. Boyle, Lieutenant G.H.W. Crutwell and 2nd Lieutenant D.J. Ward. In the second row are 2nd Lieutenant C.T. Kaunhoven, 2nd Lieutenant E.P. Carter, Lieutenant G. Moore, 2nd Lieutenant C.R.M .F.Crutwell, 2nd Lieutenant G.S. Field, Lieutenant R.W. Poulton-Palmer, Captain F.A. Willink, Lieutenant W.L.E. Gordon, 2nd Lieutenant Gathorne-Hardy, 2nd Lieutenant C.D.R. Sharpe and 2nd Lieutenant O.W. Heffer. Seated are Captain W.E.N. Blandy, Captain H.U.H. Thorne, Captain G.A. Battcock, Captain and Adjutant G.M. Sharpe, Colonel Oswald Pearce-Serocold, Major F.R. Hedges, Captain J.L. Aldworth, Captain C.A.L. Lewis and Captain E.S. Holcroft. On the ground are Lieutenant O.B. Challenor, Lieutenant and Quartermaster J. Payne, Lieutenant S.J.N. Auld, 2nd Lieutenant R. Lund, 2nd Lieutenant A.C. Hughes, Lieutenant K.D. Bean (RAMC), 2nd Lieutenant L.E. Ridley and 2nd Lieutenant H.M.W. Wells. [Note this that Battalion's designation was changed from the 4th Battalion to the 1st/4th in September 1914]

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SBYRW : 33939

1st/4th Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photocopy from a photograph (not sharp) of the officers at Authie Ch√?¬Ęteau in France, Christmas in 1915. The following officers are in this photo working from the rear to the front but the exact position of each is not certain. It shows Lieutenant F.R.K. Hine, Captain C.A.L Lewis, Lieutenant G.H.W.Crutwell, Captain Attride, Captain G.A. Battcock, Lieutenant C.R.M.F.Crutwell, Lieutenant G.H. Goolden, Lieutenant Smythe (RAMC), Captain O.B. Challenor, Lieutenant D.J. Ward, Lieutenant and Quartermaster J. Payne, Captain E.S. Holcroft, Major F.R. Hedges, Captain J.L. J. Aldworth, Lieutenant Calder, Lieutenant Henant (Battalion interpreter), Lieutenant L.E. Ridley, Colonel Oswald Pearce-Serocold and Lieutenant R. Clarke.

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SBYRW : 7016

2nd Bn, Royal Berkshire Regiment - A black and white photo of 'B' Company at Crownhill Barracks, Plymouth around 1924. Photographer; Gale and Polden Ltd. Aldershot (Copyright) -

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